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Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

Information and Resources

Internet provide us a variety of information and different communication facilities. Internet makes the world a better place. We can do lot of things by using internet. Now days internet is very essential part of human life,but internet has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here I listed advantages and disadvantages of internet. Advantages of Internet 1. Huge Source of Information ... Read More »

How to Send Anonymous Text

How to Send Anonymous Text

Virtual communication is rapidly growing and very difficult to deal with it.Some people use anonymous way to send text.Is it possible to send text anonymously? Yes you can send text anonymous way.If you would like to send a text, but keep yourself anonymous, then there are different ways to send text anonymously.You can prank your friends by sending anonymous text to them.Here ... Read More »

How to connect to Google’s free RailWire Wi-Fi network in India

how to connect to fast,free Wi-fi

On 22 January,2016 Google has been launched free Wi-Fi in India.As last year Google explained their plan of action, how Google want to provide  free public Wi-Fi  access over maximum trains stations across India. As per plan Google just launched free public Wi-Fi at Mumbai Central Station.This is a joint venture of RailTel and Google  India. RailTel is a government agency ... Read More »

How to Find Someone On Facebook Without Logging In

Facebook Search

Facebook is for connect with your friends and family online.With more than 1.5 billion worldwide users.Facebook is largest and most popular social networking website right now.If you thinking  you can find people on Facebook only by doing log in to Facebook,then your are completely thinking  wrong.  You can find someone on Facebook without logging in and here is i am writing ... Read More »

How to Turn Off Sound of Facebook Notifications and Messages

How to Turn Off Sound of Facebook Notifications and Messages

Are you getting bored from the sound of new notification and messages on Facebook? If yes then don’t be worry you can easily turn it off.In case you don’t know how to stop Facebook from making its new messages and notification sounds here i am writing tutorial about how to turn off sound of notifications and messages on your Facebook account. Steps for ... Read More »

How to Create a Poll on Twitter

How to Create a Poll on Twitter

Already Twitter has poll option.Means you can easily create your own Twitter polls on Twitter. Means now you can create Twitter poll without any third party app or website.By using Twitter poll option you can ask question to your followers.The polls last for 24 hours and followers anonymously choose between two short answers,you can extend answers option up to four. You ... Read More »

How to Make Image Background Transparent Online


If you don’t know about how to use Photoshop and you want to make image background transparent then don’t be worry. Now days many websites provide online tools to make image background transparent.With few clicks you can edit your photo online and make it ‘s background transparent. In this tutorial i covered information about some websites, which help you to ... Read More »

Report: Google is Building New Smarter Messaging App With AI-Powered Bots

Google Messaging App

When subject comes to Google, social networking and instant messaging then defiantly Google is far far away from social networking and IM market. Google started Google Plus to cover social networking market but  when you compare Google Plus with Facebook and Twitter you feel that Google Plus is failed to get margin in social networking sphere.Google has same condition regarding ... Read More »

How to Make Your Facebook Account Completely Private

Facebook Private Profile

Basically Facebook is designed for connect each other and find people on Facebook.However, it doesn’t mean everyone access your all Facebook information if you are worried about your Facebook privacy then  here in this article i  will let you know  how to make your Facebook completely private from public. HOW TO MAKE FACEBOOK ACCOUNT COMPLETELY PRIVATE: 1. Edit Timeline and ... Read More »