Now days almost everyone uses  Facebook .So to  boost your business you have to create Facebook fan page.To promote your product or brand. Also for to advertise in a number of other ways you need to have your Facebook fan page of your brand,business or whatever you have.Still up to date you don’t have Facebook fan page then don’t be worry follow just following step to create Facebook fan page. Like here our MuchTech Facebook Fan Page

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How to Create a Facebook Fan Page

Step 1) First you have to login your Facebook account just going to If you don’t  have Facebook account then dont be worry you will have to create Facebook new account .It’s always better to create Facebook fan page  with your old account. Means you are already close association with Facebook.  By this you can invite your friends to like page or to become fans of your page and you can share page with them.

Facebook log in
Step 2)After login in to your  account click on setting option(It is gear like symbol on the top right -hand corner of your page).Then click on advertise on Facebook.
Then look step 1:Build your Facebook page and click on create a page.

Step 3) Click on the type of page you’d like to create. There are six categories:

Facebook fan page categories
i)Local business or place: If you choose this option. You need to select the category of your business or place and to type in the address of your business.
ii)Company, organization or institution: If you choose this option. You’ll need to select the category of your company, organization, or institution, and to type in the name of your company.
iii)Brand or product: For this option, you’ll need to select the category of product and to type in the name of the product.
iv)Artist, band, or public figure: For this option, you’ll need to select the category for the type of artist, musician, or public figure you’ll be promoting as well as his or her name.
v)Entertainment: For this category, you’ll need to type in the type of entertainment as well as the name.
vi)Cause or community name: For this option, you’ll have to type in the name of the cause or community.
Note: For all of these categories, you’ll have to click to “Agree to Facebook Pages Terms” otherwise  you can’t  move to next step.
 Step 4) Click on “Get Started.” After you’ve chosen the appropriate category and provided basic information, you’ll be able to start adding some information for your page.

Step 5) In this step you have to write description about your fan page then click to save info button and go to the next step.

Write description to your FB fan page

Step 6) Upload a profile picture. You can upload the photo from your computer or you can import photo from website.choose real photo to maximize your page likes.Thenclick save photo button or you can skip this step by clicking on skip option.

Upload photo to your FB fan page
Step 7) Then decide whether you want to enable ads or not. Advertising is a great way to reach out to more people. But if you choose this option, you’ll have to pay for it and provide your credit card information. And mainly you can skip this option also.
 And finally done!now your page is ready for use.Now you can share your product pictures,videos and link related to your business.

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