Most of us have spent endless hours looking at other people’s photos on Facebook. Normally,when you are looking at photos  on Facebook, you have to click on each photo individually to open and view it. However,there is faster and better way to view photos on Facebook using the Photo Zoom for Facebook browser extension. It available on Google Chrome Web Store( the Mozilla Firefox add-ons website( Also it available for

How to Improve Your Photo-Viewing Experience On Facebook

Once you have installed Photo Zoom for Facebook. You can see a larger version of any photo on Facebook simply by hovering your mouse over it for few seconds. If you are viewing your friend’s photo album,the usually miniature versions of all the photos in that album are displayed on a single page. However,it is possible for you now to quickly view a large maximized version of any of the photos in the album by hovering the mouse cursor over the photo for  a few seconds.
Similarly,even within your Facebook feed,it is possible to see a larger version of your friends profile pictures by simply hovering your mouse cursor over their picture for a few seconds. With the help of Photo Zoom for Facebook,your photo-viewing experience on Facebook will improve significantly.

You also install different extension for Google chrome for Photo Zoom for Facebook. Such as Hover Zoom,New photo zoom for Facebook etc

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