If you are busy in your real life and you wanted to update your Facebook status at future time and date.Also you wanted to tweet something in the future,but type it out now in present?.Also you can send out a reminder for an upcoming event that you are organizing or managing?.Then don’t be worry just try or use  Postcron web-based free app.That allows you to schedule Facebook status messages and Twitter tweets at predefined time and date in future. Here is guide on how to update your Facebook status or tweet in the future.

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How to Update Your Facebook Status or Tweet in the Future

1)To use this app start your browser and connect to Postcron(http://www.postcron.com) and sign in to your Facebook account.

update your facebook status or tweet in the future

2)Now you will need to select the time zone that you are in,so that Postcron can accurately update your Facebook status in the future at a predefined time and date specified by you.

3)Once you have connected the Postcron app to your Facebook account ,you can specify what message you wish to post on your Facebook account and at what future time and date.Click on Schedule and let Postcron do the rest.

Note: You can schedule plain text updates as well as updates with photos and links.Also you can manage your Facebook pages and send out updates or messages in the future.

Twitter Tweet in the Future

You can also connect Postcron to your Twitter account and you can schedule your tweets.

 on twitter by just only adding your twitter account and following same process which you used to schedule Facebook status.

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