After smart phone competition now smart watch competition also become very hard and tuff. Samsung and Sony already launched their smart watches. Its also rumor that HTC also making smart watch, and Apple i-watch also coming to market in 2014.Most important is now Google also jump into this smart watch making competition, report from wall street journal clear it.
Google SmartWatch
Google Smart watch

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Google SmartWatch 

 Google smart watch production will be start soon in large amount and Google already done meeting with some company’s. In coming some months Google smart watch will be come in market. Special thing about Google watch is with full fill use of ‘Google Personal Assistant’. Travel alert, weather report, email and browsing, information depends on street, news and much more services will be available on Google Smart watch. Email, SMS, Calendar notifications and control of these things are also available on it. Camera, Map, Music player is also available on Google Smart watch.
  Sony and Samsung’s smart watches already in market. Apple I-Watch also coming in market, for that more than 100 Apples engineers are working for one year. Is rumour that apple i-watch will be come with flexible screen and available with three models. For flexible curve watch Apple file patient of curve battery design. So Apple is ready with these hard-core preparation for making smart watch then why Google stay back??so Google finally announce the Google Smart Watch will be come in few months and may be before Apple I-Watch.
  Google smart watch will work on Android OS, and it will be communicate with other smart phones. The main deal or main problem in front of Google is increasing Battery life. Because available smart watches are facing problem of low battery life, so Google are focusing on increasing battery life. Also Google focusing on increasing the functionally and increase the comparability of smart watch with smart phones, computers, tabs, laptops. So it is really interesting to see is Google remove problems which are coming in now available smart watches.

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