Facebook retires its @facebook.com email service,and now when someone send you email by using your @facebook.com address,it will not longer go to your Facebook inbox/messages but it will forwarded to your primary email address on your Facebook account.Those people which not have primary email address on Facebook,they will not receive forwarded messages.Facebook told that @facbook .com email service not used by many people that’s why we are going to retire this social network email  adress service.Facebook also cleared that by retiring this service they will able to focus on mobile messaging service for everyone.

Facebook Ends Its @facebook.com Email Address Service

Facebook was stared its email service in 2010 and updated it on 2012 as @facebook.com email service,but unfortunately Facebook users dislike this service so finally Facebook terminate the service.This Facebook update brings new side effect,now you can reach someones primary email address by emailing their @facebook.com email address.But don’t be worry by default these email address only accessible to your Facebook friend.

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