According to the Economics Time Report Google is planning to launch its own mobile chat messaging app to rival WhatsApp and other mobile chat apps like hike and line. Google plans to introduce a mobile messaging app it is likely to test in India and other developing markets.Google already sent their product manager Nikhyl Singhal to do recce of the messaging app ecosystem in India because  Google is still empty with mobile chat messaging app market which is acquired hugely by non Google mobile apps. 
Google failed to buy out WhatsApp, Google reportedly made offer of over $10 billion to buy WhatsApp, which was eventually bought by Facebook for $19 billion and it was one of the largest technology deal in the history.
According to sources, the Google messaging app is in early stages of development and will come out in 2015, and the best thing about this Google messenger is unlike other Google products the messenger will not force users to use their Google login. The messenger will free of cost to use and will support Indian languages and voice to-text-messaging.
Google agreed that they missed social and social on mobile. While Facebook bought WhatsApp  for same social reason because WhatsApp has over 600 million active user and  65 million user are only India. That’s why now Google targeting Indian market with full proof plan so they already launched Android one phones in India.
Image Via: Google

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