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Flashback :

Previously back in those good old days if you asked anybody that , Hey dude I gotta buy a phone.. recommend one , ummm… it should be good , loaded with features and first for most affordable..  ! And the answer from anyone was pretty straight forward : NOKIA ! We all loved that brand , as a matter of fact I still love them since they are free from microsoft , hassle free !!! So the Smartphone industry went off quickly towards Android due to its open source nature and quick updates that were provided by Google though that were some kinda apple inspired features ( back in the days not now ) !! Since it got a lot of attraction, it was quickly adapted as the default OS running on major Device manufacturers , alot of them ditched their own OS , Even there were some rumours that Nokia would be soon On board with Android , As they had Robust Hardware but were lacking Software ! , Yes I know some of you might say , ” hey dude.. Symbian was the best operating system ” , and no doubt it was !! , but it were , the App developers who were more comfortable with ” Open Source ” nature that was provided by Android , that’s how Symbian went down , and inspite of going with Android , Nokia went up with Windows Phone OS  , practically it was Nokia who boosted or for a lack of better word.. popularized Windows Phone in its Baby steps !!

Stephan Elop ( CEO , Nokia ) was that guy due to which Nokia went towards Microsoft. Sure Nokia was the one to bring the Beast Nokia 808 Pureview , due to their amazing Imaging Experts team they were able to create wonders in Smartphone Category , that anyone would have ever imagined Frankly ” 41 MP ” hahahahah ???? But they did it , and Nokia 808 even won the award for “Best New Mobile Handset, Device or Tablet” at Mobile World Congress 2012 . Then after ditching Symbian Platform as 808 being the last one in the category in favour of Windows phones they Launched another Tank : “ Nokia Lumia 1020 “ , this time it was windows phone , It had a better sensor , a better design  & OIS ( Optical Image Stabilization ). Even though it was a fresh operating system it had lot of catching upto do with an already widely used operating system : Android .

Since Nokia was the reason , Microsoft excelled in the race of Smartphone category , Microsoft bought Nokia with all of its imaging experts , all its smartphone categories  leaving Nokia with its Here Maps & made a deal that Nokia can’t produce Smartphones Until 2016 ! But you might have heard that Nokia N1 was released lately , well.. so how did that happen ? That is because Nokia has designed the N1 but they can’t sell it due to the acquisition with Microsoft , So selling part will be done by silicon valley vender : Foxconn . Smart move Nokia..!! why step behind when you already have the potential to do more 😉 !!

Nokia N1

 Design :

So speaking about Microsoft free , Nokia N1 , it’s actually alot like the Apple’s Ipad mini design !! The N1 has same 7.9-inch screen size and even the same 2048 x 1536 display resolution , surprisingly enough Nokia has even opted for single piece of Aluminium body design , even bringing an actual reversible charging Type-C USB cable to Android , even from placements of actual sleep/wake button to volume rockers stay in the same place as that of Ipad Mini. Basically If you need an Premium Apple Experience with Android on top , it doesn’t get any better than this ! But hey wait they have made few improvements too like making the N1 both thinner and lighter as it just is 6.9 mm thick .

Specifications :

Nokia N1 android lollipop

   So Nokia N1 comes with a 2.3 Ghz Quad core Intel Atom Z3580 processor with 64 Bit architecture coupled with PowerVR G6430 GPU having 2GB Ram , 32GB on – board storage , an 8 MP rear shooter while a 5MP front shooter camera, has an 7.9 inch IPS Display with 324 ppi pixel density and a Micro usb port v.2.0 Type C connector , a Non-removable Li-Ion 5300 mAh battery (18.5 Wh) ,Also on Top of that It comes with Lollipop on board with Z launcher as it’s default launcher , which is specifically optimized for the Tablet to work properly , you can download Z-launcher today on Android smartphone via Playstore.

Watch the whole launch event :

Looks like it’ll first launch in China next year !!


Source :  Nokia N1 , Verge 

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