Windows 10 for Phones    Seems like since Windows 8 ,Microsoft is trying seemlessly to integrate best of both worlds : Smartphones and Desktops ! We have seen that since the release of Windows phone 8 to 8.1 same goes for the PC/Tablets. Many ,bevy of features have been added since the introduction of the OS in 2011. Windows Phone OS has grown rapidly over years standing in the world’s third largest Platform choice for many , Who knows they might be the First soon ! Windows phone is widely known at its best for Camera improvements ,well may that be the giant 41MP beast or Software improvements ,enhancements done in particular to hardware or software. When it comes to Camera ,low light photography hands-down Lumia is the best ,period ! providing particular devices at particular price points. To be specific Windows phone got that major uplift ,since the introduction of Windows phone 8.1 or Shall I say , Cortana ? truly speaking Cortana brought Microsoft back in the game of mobile business and now we see her integrated as a major part of Win 10 OS. After Windows phone 8.1 ,cyan update was introduced ,then came in the Denim update ,where Microsoft-nokia showed the power of Windows phone OS ,showing us how 4K can be recorded without an extra module ( You still need a Snapdragon 800 processor though to playback it ) Microsoft at their event showed how pressing and holding shutter button causes to frame a 4K video ( 24 FPS,8.3 MP per frame ) ,smart guys huh !  So in Cameras… uhh they are pretty much the game ! Only thing that is left is App Gap , Let’s hope microsoft would find a way to run Android Apps in Future.. Since you can run Android Apps on blackberry 10 OS compatible devices.  So what’s next in Windows phones ? Well ,This Wednesday Microsoft had an event where they showcased Windows 10 for Smartphones. Let’s see what they got.


Well first of all… names like windows phone 10 OS for windows phones… uhh bit stretchy right ? were replaced ! ,now its just Windows 10 OS for phones/lumia. They showed an early build for windows phones ,where Joe belfiore  demoed it on Lumia 1520.

  • At a quick Glance ,Animation around the OS were bit polished of course it was running on a modern processor ,but performance on all windows phones stays consistent so that wouldn’t be a concern. Well in Wp 8.1 ,they showed customizable tiles with your own photos ,but now you can even put a photo behind that black bar you were seeing behind the tiles.
  • A Quick Right Swipe takes you to the App tray ,where now you are shown with the recently installed apps first,giving a nice touch to the OS.
  • While you are in any app and if a Message shows up in Action center ,just pull the notification down and you can reply rightaway ,Apple inspired feature haa 😉 ?
  • You can resize the Keyboard while typing ,just by touching and holding space bar and then adjust the size ,for better onehanded typo experience on larger devices. Finally a proper Voice input comes to keyboard for quick writing keeping your hands off.
  • Settings app finally gets a refreshed look & a universal touch ( Universal means across all devices it will stay synced ) ,theme language of Windows 10.  No longer you need to scroll across the list to increase/decrease brightness/turn on internet sharing.. Everything is properly organized well in Windows 10 for phones !
  • Now when you pull down the notification tray you can now dismiss a specific notification from the same app instead of dismissing all notifications from the same app earlier. Finally you are not limited to 5 quick toggles stucked above ,just have a quick swipe down on toggles ,to access other toggles ,no longer you are limited to 4/5 toggles in action center.
Universal apps

So with these New updates included in windows phones ,Microsoft also tops in additional flavors in the form of Universal Apps ,a thought of what we had seen in Google I/O last year ,where Android Apps were shown running on Chrome OS in proprietary Tablet Interface. Microsoft is naming them Universal Apps as a part of which these apps will run similar as that of PC/Tablet/Smartphone UI. If you make a change in one device ,same thing would be taylored with other devices which are linked in with the same account.

Phone PPT
Phone PPT

     Joe belfiore also demoed the new Office suite taylored particularly as universal apps showing the review tabs,app ribbons through Word documents, Excel & Powerful Presentation options now available in Phones. Calender app ,photos app also got a new major redesign adding many features like Onedrive integration and an intelligent way to cluster photos properly according to day ,time and place sort of what we have seen in iOS later this year ! But looks gorgeous though.. Peoples app, outlook suite of apps ,music app have also been updated and cortana gets integrated with maps. All these apps mentioned above carry the notion of Universal Apps ,which would first make their way to PC/tablets then to Smartphones slowly. However no words on when will users get the update. It’s always happy to see new and new features coming to Windows phones. This guys have made their way creating their own OS ,in-spite of others going the same old-conventional way ,and see they are at the peak of success now !! Microsoft Amazing Job ,kudoss !! looking forward to see Project Spartan running on Windows Phone 😀

Source : Microsoft Blog

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