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The patent war between the two major smartphone makers of the world, Apple and Samsung, just got murkier with reports of Apple preparing to file a new case of patent infringement against Samsung. The latest development is believed to be a direct result of the now viral video of Samsung Galaxy S6 bending under the same amount of pressure that would cause an iPhone 6 to bend.

“How could Samsung even think of making a bendable phone?”, exclaimed an executive from Apple. He further added “..and that too a phone which bends at exactly the same pressure at which iPhone starts showing its beautiful curves. We had already patented the bendable design of smartphones, and Samsung has clearly violated our patent. Yes, we will sue them!”

One of the lawyers working with the legal team of Apple, Wi Soo Evry Wan, confirmed that they will file the lawsuit within a week. When asked about Apple’s plans, he replied “Yes we have studied the case thoroughly and have prepared a strong case against Samsung. It’s a straightforward case of patent infringement. We will definitely win this lawsuit because suing someone is not new for us. We have more experience in these type of cases, thanks to Apple. This is our 1,876,936th patent case.”

When asked about Apple’s first case, he smiled and said “Back in the days when Apple was founded, they had a plan of suing apple vendors. But then they came to know that apples have about 7,500 different varieties, and they could not decide which particular variety they should sue, and they dropped the idea”

We asked about other cases that Apple is currently planning to go ahead with, to which he replied “Since Apple acquired Beats Audio, we were preparing for a case against beet farmers and beetroot sellers, but just about a month ago we were instructed to prepare a lawsuit for this new case”. We reminded him that not even a week has passed since reports of Galaxy S6 bending came out, to which he replied “We were just asked to prepare a lawsuit, the company’s name was not mentioned. We left blank space at that time, and now we just filled up the blanks.”

We tried to contact Jonathan Ive, Senior Vice President of Design, but he was busy watching his own videos and memorizing the words he used while talking about iPhone 6’s design ideas. His security guards informed us that he will be busy shooting the next iPhone’s video for a couple of days, and told us to come later.

Note : This article is just a work of fiction. The quotes and news reported here are fake and not to be taken seriously.

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