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Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Operating Systems (OS),shared goal of Microsoft at build 2015 event. He said that the goal of Microsoft is to see Windows 10 on one billion devices within two to three years of Windows 10’s availability – the first platform version, in any ecosystem, to be available on one billion devices. Myerson also announced 4 new SDKs to getting more apps on windows 10 platform, namely Web apps, .NET and Win32 apps, Android (Java/C++) apps and iOS objective C apps.and this is way to get more applications on the Windows store in short these SDKs will be able to provide tool which easily port apps from Android as well as iOS platform to Windows platform.This idea of porting apps from other platform is simple but execution is little complex but King has already used the Objective C SDK to bring Candy Crush Saga to Windows Phone.

Really this is good news for developers because now they don’t need to develop separate apps for Windows using this new move from Microsoft developers now can port apps from Android and from iOS to Windows 10.Developers have choice to do either simple port of the apps from Android/iOS or can add features provided by Windows platform by doing deeper work.

Myerson also announced that Adobe will bring their Photoshop Elements and Premier Elements apps to the Windows Store, leveraging the new SDK for Win32 applications.  He also aiming that more of the current 16 million Win32 applications growing their distribution through the Windows Store.

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