Facebook is great place to keep in touch with your friends and relatives. Facebook  is place to share your life events and other interesting things about your daily life with your friends and other members which are connected with you on Facebook.But  sharing your daily updates with all Facebook friends is not worthy.So their is any way to hide your Facebook posts for certain people? or what if you want to post something that you don’t want a specific person to see?Don’t be worry its very simple to hide your Facebook posts from certain people.How to Hide Your Facebook Posts from Certain People

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Hide a post from certain people:

Step 1: Log into your Facebook account and write your post in the status box. create post

Step 2: Now click the Public or friends  left of the Post button (The name on the button to the left of the Post button changes depending on your selection for who should see the post.) then click on More Options.More Options

Step 3 : By clicking on More Options your drop down list will expand with additional options then click on custom option. click on Custom

Step 4: Now Custom privacy pop up appears on screen. In the Don’t share this with  section, click in the These people or lists box and start typing the name of the person with whom you don’t want to share the post. A list of matching names displays as you type. Click the name of the person which you don’t want to share the post and save the changes and share your post.Don't share with

Thus you can hide your Facebook post from certain people or single person.You can also hide your all future posts from a person or people.

How to hide your all future posts from a person or people:

Step 1: Login into your Facebook account and go to in Settings. choose Settings

Step 2: Now your on General account settings page,Choose Privacy from the left-hand menu.choose Privacy

Step 3: By clicking on privacy new privacy settings and tools page appears on your computer screen.Now under the Who can see my stuff? heading, choose  who can see your future posts? and click Edit.choose EditStep 4: Now pull-down menu from the left of the Post button,click on More Options  and choose Custom.chooose custom

Step 5: Under the “Don’t share this with” heading, type in the names of any people you don’t want to see any of your posts from now on.And click the Save Changes button and that’s it.Thus you can hide your all Facebook future posts from a person or people.Under the Don’t share this with heading

You can also share a post only with specific people. In future i will write post about how to show your Facebook posts with certain people.

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