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make your relationship breakups more easier and less painful on facebookFacebook just released new tools to help people manage how they interact with their exes on Facebook after relationship has ended.We all know Facebook is place for sharing our life’s important moments  and important events.Many people share theirs romantic life and relationship status with their love ones. It’s very easy to share your romantic life moment and very simple to change your relationship status on Facebook,but unfortunately when your relationship comes to end or he/she do break up with you then its very difficult to change your relationship status on Facebook.Once breakup done then its very difficult to see Facebook updates from him/her in your Facebook news feed. Sometimes after breakup people don’t unfriend their exes to keep watch whats going on their life by seeing their Facebook update. So to solve this problem Facebook introduces new tools that will help you to make your relationship breakups easier on Facebook.

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By using this new tool  now you are able to  see less about your former partner on Facebook.Means via this tool you can see less name and profile picture of your former partner without block or unfriend her/him.When you are trying to write new message or you are trying to tag photos then Facebook will not suggest your exes name.By using this tool you will get less  posts of your exes in your news feed.

You also limit reach of your new photos,videos or status means you have option to hide your Facebook update from your former partner.After breakup you can also untag your former partner from old photos,posts which you shared with him/her.Also you can edit your old posts to who can see it means you can hide your old shared posts from your former partner.ChangePastPosts

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Hope this Facebook’s new tool will help out people to make relationship breakups less painful. Currently Facebook launched this tool in US on mobile  only. Later on Facebook will roll out this tool world wide.

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