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Facebook is for connect with your friends and family online. With more than 1.5 billion worldwide users.Facebook is largest and most popular social networking website right now. If you thinking you can find people on Facebook only by doing login to Facebook, then you are completely thinking wrong.  You can find someone on Facebook without logging in. And here is I am writing about how to find someone on Facebook without logging in.Facebook Search

How to Find Someone On Facebook Without Logging In

1. By using  People Search from Facebook

You will easily search someone by using Facebook people search. You can search people by just entering their name into a search box.Facebook-People-Search

Follow the steps given below to find people on Facebook.

Step 1: First, go to the Facebook People Search by clicking here  . You can see a search box and it is for entering a name of a person which you are looking for.

Step 2: You can also see alphabets on the same page and alphabets can be used to find popular profiles as you can’t find an ordinary person using them.

Step 3: Type the name of the person which you are looking for into the search box. Then, click the search button right next to the field.

Step 4: You can see a page with profiles which match with your search term. Sometimes you can see up to 10 profiles which match to your search term and some you will get more than 10 profiles. If you don’t get an exact person you are looking for, then just repeat same search process after adding the educational qualification, city or any other detail you know about him/ her. It will increase the possibilities of getting the right result you want.

2. Use Facebook Directory

Facebook DirectoryIn case you want to search for pages/places or topics then the Facebook directory is best for it. Go to a Facebook directory by clicking here You can see a search box. There, you can see three tabs including people, pages and places. Click on the one tab one tab which you want to search. Then, type the name and click on search. That’s all. Here you can search by numbers 0 to 25  contain non-Latin character names. Unlike Facebook people search, this method will give you a list of matching profile, place or page which you are looking for. Note: By using the Facebook directory you can search people or pages who have public search listing available on Facebook.

3. Use Social Searcher

A social searcher is a free social media search engine. When you search the name of people or brand name in the search box, a Social searcher will show you all matching accounts with their all recent activities from different social media websites.social-searcher

Step 1: Go to social-searcher.com

Step 2:   You will be provided with a search box. You don’t need to login to the social searcher to find social media profiles of people.

step 3: Type the name of a person or brand you want to find the social media profile or page. Then, hit the enter button. You will get all matching accounts which you are looking.

Thus you can find the social media profiles of people using social searcher.

4. Use Google Search

Almost you can Google everything. Like your normal Google search, you can search for people or pages using Google.Google search for search Facebook profile

Step 1: Go to google.com

Step 2: Type ‘site name: Facebook first name last name’ without quotes. Replace the first name and last name with the complete name of the person you want to look for.

Step 3: Click the Google search button. You can see the search results and of course you will get what you are looking for, as the first result.

 5.Use  Browser Extensions

You can use browser extensions to find anyone on Facebook. You can use extensions on both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. follow links given below to download the browser extension.

For Google Chrome 

For Mozilla Firefox

After the download, Extension will automatically be added to the browser. Use the icon on the toolbar to find anyone on Facebook.

6. Use Facebook Profile URL Format

Facebook-URLIf you are a clean observer, then you are already noticed it. Facebook profiles have a specific format and generally, it is like www.facebook.com/sambille.If you know the Facebook username of a person which you want to search for, then just replace sambille with your search term and paste a link into your web browser, where you types a web address and hit the enter button. That’s all.

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Thus you can search for someone on Facebook without logging in. If you have any question. Or you have any other way to find people on Facebook without logging in to Facebook. Then feel free to comment below.

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