How to Privately Share Tweets via Direct Message

Now days twitter is working hardly to improve their website look. Along with website changes twitter also adding lot of another useful new features to engage users. Direct Message is one of very important feature of twitter and twitter trying to make it very effective and user friendly. Firstly twitter lifted 140 character limit in direct messages and then twitter added direct message to multiple users at the same time,and now you can share public tweets with other people privately. In short,now you can send tweets as a direct message with click of button,instead of having copy and paste the link to tweet.How to Privately Share Tweets via Direct Message

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How to privately share tweets via direct message(DM)

So here are the steps which you need to follow in order to share tweets via direct message (DM) on twitter.

Step 1 : First of all, login to your twitter account.

Step 2: After login you will land on home page  of your twitter account,where you will get continuously tweets from people which  you are following on twitter. Under each tweet you will find options of  Reply, Retweet, Like and More. Click on More option and you will get list of options including sending tweet in a direct on more option

Step 3 : Click on Share Via Direct Message and  new pop up will open up where you can choose who to send the tweet to. Automatically people you’ve recently direct messaged will be listed. You can search person’s by typing name into given box. You can choose one or multiple user for sending tweet as direct message. After choosing whom to send tweet as direct message, click on on next

Step 4:  In this step you can add your own text as comment, also you can add emoji, GIF,photo or video. After that click on Send button and that’s on send button

Hope this tutorial will help you to send twitter tweet as direct message with your twitter followers. This feature is very helpful for start private conversations around publicly shared content on twitter. You can gain someone’s attention without retweeting tweet by just sending him/her tweet as direct message. Millions of people use Direct Messages to communicate each other on twitter. So  feature of sending tweet as direct message will boost private communication on twitter.

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