best and free music players for windows phones in 2018
free music download apps for windows phone
best and free music players for windows phones in 2024

If you are looking for freeware music players for your windows phone, then here is a list of some good music players for windows phones that are available for free on the windows store. The list displayed is completely based on ratings and reviews of the apps on the windows store. Her list of best and free music players for Windows phones in 2024.

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Best And Free Music Players for Windows Phones in 2024

1. Music Player

The windows music player is a simple and cool app to use. It has a user-friendly interface that is quick and convenient. The player is capable of playing almost all formats of music available. Music Player also has an option of downloading songs from the web to your phone directly.

Though there are few bugs that appeared in very few phones, the app is rated top and works great. Music Player is available in the windows store for free.

App View:Music-Player-1

Key Features :

  • Karaoke recorder: You can record your singing voice with your favorite song.
  • Search songs, albums, and artists.

2. TTPod

TTPod player plays music from the phone’s database and also has the feature of playing songs online by searching the desired songs. Users can export downloaded songs to music and video folders. Searching lyrics online and adding artist images manually are additional features that impress users.

App View : TTPod

Key Features :

  • Display song info in tile.
  • Music quality settings can be selected.
  • Better display of long lyrics.
  • Sleep mode option.
  •  Support fast app resume backstage

3. Touch Music Free

The app is meant for its gestures that help a lot while in motion. The app is designed for athletes, motorists, and all who are in motion. Easy music management with smooth gestures. No need to look at the screen for operating the app once you got used to it.

App View :Touch

Key Features :

  • Excellent user interface for people to operate in motion.
  • Managing player with gestures.
  • Managing player with buttons.

4. Random Music Player

Random Music Player helps in playing random songs from your mobile device. You can launch the app with an NFC tag or with your voice. It only has 2 buttons and operates the app when you are wearing gloves.

App View :random

Key Features :

  • Plays the songs on an album, artist, genre, favorites, and from a playlist in a random manner.
  • Share your active song on the internet.
  • Search on Daily motion on the videos related to the active song.

5. Music Player

The app when launched displays a complete list of songs from the user’s device for easy user access to all the songs. The app has an integrated web browser that helps in searching the details of the song and also searches lyrics for the song being played.

App View :Music-Player -2

Key Features :

  • Easy user access to songs lists directly from the home screen.
  • Integrated Web browser for the app.
  • You can view it directly from the album and other info.
  • Shuffle button with good UI.

6. Music Wall

The app displays any category ( artists, genres, albums, singles, etc ) user-selected onto the screen like a wall using the respective thumbnails. The music wall has a cool and unique layout with a simple user interface.

The app was released recently into the store and got a very good response from the users. It is a must try the app if you are searching for uniqueness and excellence.

App View :wall

Key Features :

  •  Beautiful and unique layout.
  • Quick start-up.
  • Restricts wall for horizontal/vertical movement only.
  • Sort wall layout by album names or album artists.

If you know any other free music players for windows phones then feel free to share with us. I hope you enjoyed this best and free music player for windows phones in 2023.

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