10 Best Handwriting Apps For iPad And iPhone Devices

best handwriting apps for iPad and iPhone devices

Note making and Hand writing apps are considered to be the highly demanded productivity apps from both Play Store on Android and App Store on iOS. These apps really help the user in many was making his day to day life much better than what it should be. In the below I have provided some best Handwriting and Note taking app for both iPhone and iPad device users. The list is completely based on the rating and reviews of the users from App Store on iTunes.

Top Handwriting Apps For iPad and iPhone Devices

1. MyScript MathPad

The MyScript MathPad is described to be a Handwriting tool as well as LaTeX generator. A user can write using a stylus or finger and then convert the hand written format to a digital format. Create any math equations, save them as note, image or latex and share them with friends. MyScript MathPad is absolutely free for both iPhone and iPad users but the unlock the LaTeX permanently, the user needs to buy the pro version.

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2. MyScript Calculator

The MyScript Calculator is almost the same as that of the MyScript MathPad. But unlike the MyScript MathPad which can be used only for math equations, the MyScript calculator can be user for writing notes as well. The one special feature of the app is that the app is capable of calculating the result as well. The result and notes can be shared with friends via social or local transfer methods.

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3. MyScript Memo

The MyScript Memo app lets the user to create and make notes using hand written texts and save them. The saved notes can then be shared with friends and other through Social sites and local transfer systems. The notes can also be transferred to other note taking apps as well like Evernote and other. The MyScript memo is available in 63 languages which include Russia, Chinese, Japanese, English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Korean and many others.

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4. Notability

The Notability app for iPad and iPhone by the Ginger labs is one of the best available note taking apps in the App Store at present. The user can sketch ideas, annotate docs, write scripts, save journals, keep records, collaborate for projects and do many ore with the Notability app. The Notability for iOS device is a paid app and costs around 7.99$ which is absolutely worth it. Quick search of a point on the note and filter to PDF.

[appbox appstore 360593530?mt=8 ]

5. Inkflow Visual Notebook

The Inkflow Visual Notebook is described to work as a word process for Mobile devices of iOS. With the Inkflow Visual Notebook, a user can simply create notes, add images, draw pictures, structures, plan along, organize a project and then re arrange them to make it complete as Blueprint. The notes can be shared with friends socially. It works as high resolution system and the app is available in both free and Paid versions. so, a user can try the free version before going for the paid app.

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6. Ollie’s Handwriting

The Ollie’s Handwriting app is generally considered to be an app that is useful for kids. It helps the kids to overcome the trouble in reading and make them a successful fluent reader with effective teaching methods. Watch, Listen, Learn and then practice in different methods to master your English skills. The Ollie’s Handwriting and phonics app is absolutely free for both iPhone and iPad device users, but there are some in-app purchase that must be bought from the store.

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7. Cursive Writing App

The name of the app itself describes the functionality of the app. Yes! The Cursive Writing App helps the user to learn how to write cursive writing and master in cursive writing. The Cursive Writing App has is simple but cool User Interface with Lowercase cursive letters and Uppercase cursive letters. The are also instructions on how to connect one letter withe another in cursive manner.

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8. Penultimate

The Penultimate hand writing app is ultimate digital conversion app of natural hand written texts. The UI of the app resembles the use of pen and paper note make feel. Easy writing, quick arranging them, Saving and sharing with friends and others. Quick find the points in the notes along with a remember option. The Penultimate app for iPad and iPhone devices is available in App Stores and is absolutely free of cost. There are some special and additional features in the premium version of the app.

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9. neu.Notes+

The neu.Notes+ app provide the user with note creating, sketching and mind mapping facilities. The use of multiple pens with multiple colours, annotate photos, pinch zoom in and out, unlimited undo and redo facility. The app also supports Apple VGA connector and Air Play Mirroring services. The neu.Notes+ app provides its users with cloud support too. And the app  is free of cost to download and install.

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10. Noteshelf – Notes & PDF

The Noteshelf – Notes & PDF app is handwriting to digital conversion app that provides the user with an interface to write naturally just like you do on a paper sheet. The notes then can be converted to digital form and saved as PDF or images. The app provides the users with some high resolution graphics and millions of colors. Advanced zoom facility and the improved look and interface in the latest iOS 8 made it more recommendable for the users. The NoteShelf for iPad and iPhone is available on in paid version and costs around $8.99.

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