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best word processor apps for iPad and iPhoneWord Processing apps has acquired a significant importance in the Mobile device world. When considered the iOS devices like iPhone and iPad, I must say that the word processor apps are quite expensive as well. But, when you purchase a particular app and the app couldn’t perform well for you, then the all your money you have spent on purchasing is wasted. So, Here I bring few Word Processor Apps for iPad and iPhone. The list is showcase based on the ratings and reviews of the App users.

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1. Pages

The Pages word processor app for iPad and iPhone is one of the most efficient word processor ever for an iOS device. With the Pages Word Processor app, a user can create reports, resumes, and documents in very few minutes. The App is also designed for iPod touch with multiple touch feature and Smart Zoom facility.

The App Provides 60+ pre-loaded templates which can be used by the user or the user can use a blank doc and add text, media and do more with the Pages Word Processor. The app produces some beautiful docs with advanced writing tools and file sharing is made easy. The iCloud support is enabled for the Pages Word Processor.

2. Textilus

The Textilus Word Processor app for iPad and iPhone is described to be the Offline Word Processor and is also the iOS version of the Microsoft word. The Textilus is a powerful word processing tools that helps the user to created and edit docs from Microsoft Word, Open Office, Scrivener, etc.

The Textilus has some surprising features like adding comments and signatures to the docs and also the saved docs can easily exported to PDF , RTF , RTFD , ePUB , TXT, PNG , Markdown and HTML. The file created in the Texilus is compatible with PCs and Mac.

3. My Writing Desk

The My Writing Dest word processor app for iPad and iPhone is clean app with simple UI that is quite an useful app for users who are interested in writing poems, novels, notes, edit docs and etc. The distraction free writing space enhances the user to write long texts with ease.

The notes, docs everything that is created in the My Writing Desk is auto saved and the saved files can easily be mailed to friends, other users and also sharing facility is enabled. The docs can also be printed using Air Print application.

4. Go Word

The “Go Word” Word Processing app is a fully-featured Word Processing app for iPad and iPhone. The Go word app is capable of creating and editing the word docs of 1997-2010 with ease. The advanced characterization and paragraph formatting are special features of the app.
The Go Word also has features like auto-filling, auto-completion, checking spellings, copy-paste option, etc. There are also facilities for adding the comments to the docs along with signatures. The redo and undo are limited up to 100 levels. File saving and sharing is enabled and also printing the docs wirelessly.

5. Werdsmith

The Wordsmith word processing application for iPad and iPhone turns the device into more like a writing studio. Unlike other apps, the Werdsmith has an extremely simple working and user friendly interface. The Werdsmith has auto completion and auto saving option along with the spell check and grammar checking options as well.

Yes! The Werdsmith for iPad and iPhone is completely free app available for the iOS users in the app store. The latest update brings the Werdsmith to Japanese and is already available for few languages.

6. myOffice

The myOffice word processor app for iPad and iPhone is all in one word processing app for iOS users. The myWord app has Microsoft Office Documents Viewer, Open source Document & Spreadsheets Editor, PDF Maker, Voice Recorder, Document Scanner and File Manager.

Create docs, notes and edit file of Word & Excel files (Office 2007/2008/2010). File Saving, File Sharing, File Conversion are the special features of the myOffice Word Processor app. The myOffice app has PDF expert, Voice Recorder, Doc Scanner, Spread sheets etc.

7. Office Note

The Office Note Word Processor is rich Text word Processor with which the user can create and edit Docs, Word files, Google docs. The pre loaded templates allow the user to create groups, invoices, resumes, letters etc. The App can also be synced with the DropBox and other related apps.

Multiple signature, multiple sharing of files, multiple file mailing facilities are enabled. Drawing on top of the Images, Voice recordings, Copy Paste from other sources as well is enabled in the Office note app.

8.  Microsoft Word for iPad

If you are a daily user of Microsoft Word and looking for the best iPad word processor, utilize this. This is the genuine Microsoft Word application for iPad that gives you a chance to read, edit,, create and team up proficient quality word reports on your iPad. With Microsoft Word for iPad application, you can read MS word reports for nothing in any case, you need to subscribe for Office 365 by means of in-application buy to alter existing records or make new archives on your iPad. In the event that you are searching for a world-class proficient word preparing application for you iPad and iPad smaller than expected, Microsoft word is one of the best alternatives for you. You can create, edit and view desktop quality Word archives as you do on your Mac or Windows PC.

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