POF inbox is the most important thing about plenty of fish online dating websites. The POF inbox is the spot for text-based communication with various individual POF users. POF the spot which offers the diverse identity-related test to recognize your sort and what kind of adversary would be appropriate for your connection. You can freely send and receive messages on POF. Login to your POF inbox now to check your email and see who needs to date you!pof inbox

POF Inbox

To begin utilizing your POF inbox first you should log in. In the event that you don’t have a Plenty Of Fish account you can make one for without any cost. When you are signed in you will check at the upper left-hand corner of the page for a symbol that says “new”. In case that you are utilizing POF mobile, the symbol will seem to be comparable yet it will be marked “messages”. On the off chance that you have any new mail, Plenty Of Fish will show the number of new messages.

After you tap on the messages/inbox link, your messages will be shown. From inside your inbox, you can read, react and erase plenty of fish mail sent to you. Your POF inbox will likewise show users who are online that have beforehand sent you messages.

On the off chance that you wish to answer to a user who has made an impression on you,  tap anyplace in the inbox string where their mail shows up. This will open up their message to you. After you read their message you can sort your reaction in the text/content box and hit send an answer. See more messages, permits you to see older discussions amongst you and the selected POF user. You can likewise block the chose user or erase the whole discussion. Attaching a gift is for POF upgraded clients which permits you to send the user a pre-chosen picture.plenty-of-fish-message-reply

POF inbox has three sub-menus and most important thing is that you can access all three menus for free. In short, You don’t need to upgrade your POF account to access your POF inbox. Beneath the submenus of the POF inbox

  • Sent Messages
  • Contact history
  • Top Prospectspof-sent-messages-contact-history-top-prospects

Sent Messages

Sent messages help you to monitor users whom you have sent or reached previously. It shows every one of the utilization that you have sent the message to. Sent messages can be helpful, particularly on Plenty Of Fish. On the off chance that you have a tendency to compose many individuals and forget about who you have kept in touch with, you can simply check your sent messages. This rundown shows all messages you have sent from your inbox. Upgraded users enjoy more service in this section as they can see when the message was read and as well as the last time the receipt was online.

Contact History

Contact history is somewhat unique in relation to sent messages. This area of Plenty Of Fish won’t just show you users who you have reached in the past, however, will likewise show users who have reached you. There is an assortment of inquiry parameters you can use to sort these individuals. You can sort by who reached you, who you reached in the first place, gender, and age.T his section of POF will help you a lot when it comes to adding a user.

Top Prospects

Here, in this segment, POF itself will look at the users as indicated by how perfect you are with them. As per the POF, On the off chance that you go into a relationship with anybody you found on POF, there is a high risk they are close to the highest priority on this rundown. Be that as it may, recollect, the main individual you have been in contact amid the most recent 90 days may appear.

Apart from this, POF also has sent a message option to start a conversation with someone on POF.

POF Send Messages

On a side note on the off chance that you wish to start a conversation with somebody who has never sent a message to your mailbox and you are in POF view profile, you will have the capacity to reach them utilizing the POF send a message at the bottom of their page. In the event that you are the bashful sort, or cannot consider anything to say right now you can likewise send a flirt by tapping the show interest button.pof-send-message-flirt

Advanced Message Settings

Let’s be honest, the vast majority would prefer not to get cut and paste messages in their inbox. Plenty Of Fish has a few settings that will help Instead of requesting it or whining inside your profile. To begin with open your POF Inbox. Presently pick Mail Settings and pick the choice ‘First Contact Message Must Be’. The decisions are Anything, 50, 100, 200, and 300 characters at least. Remember that 50 characters are just around two complete sentences. If it’s not too much trouble likewise take note of this exclusive applies to the principal message a user sends. This will help weed out messages with less substance and really constrain the user to compose more than just “hey” or “hello”. In the event that you are more genuine about online dating, you might need to have a go at utilizing this component.

POF Inbox Messages Vanished!

Numerous individuals assert that their POF inbox messages vanished. There are various explanations for messages to appear to vanish.

  • The message is over 30 days old.
  • If the sender deleted their profile or removed by a moderator.
  • POF blocked the user for unsuitable content.

POF Login Inbox

When you utilize your POF login inbox messages are the primary thing to show up.

To search for more users to email utilize the POF search and contact the user specifically from their profile.

POF Login Issues

In case, you are facing a POF login problem, then don’t be worry because we have the solution for POF login issues. Just read our previous post about pof login issues and plenty of fish login problems in 2016.

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