how to change vibration on iPhone

Your iPhone has by default vibrations for incoming calls and text messages. But what if you want to change default vibrations and you want to set your own vibration pattern? Yes! you can change your vibration on iPhone.Here is a guide for how to change vibration on iPhone.

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How to change vibration pattern on iPhone

  1. Click Settings on home screen of your iPhoneclick _Settings
  2. Click Sounds below settings.click_sounds
  3.  Select Ringtone below soundsselect_ringtone
  4. Now you will get  Vibration at the top under Ringtone.select_vibration
  5. Select Vibration and choose  the vibration you want from the list .select-vibration

Thus you can change vibration on your iPhone.If you want your own vibration you can create your own new vibration on iPhone.

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