how to play games on Facebook messenger

Now you can do more fun on your Facebook messanger,because Facebook recently added new instant games cross-platform gaming experaince into Facebook messenger .You can easily play games like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Words With Friends Frenzy.So here i write about how to play games on Facebook messenger.Play Games on Messenger

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How to play games on Facebook Messenger

  1. Open a conversation with a friend (or friends!).Open a conversation with a friend
  2. Tap on the game controller icon just below where you type your message.Tap on the game controller icon
  3. Select the game you want to play.Select the game for play

Thus you can start playing games on your Facebook messenger.After you finish a round/game, people in the conversation will see your score and will have the opportunity to challenge you back.You can also discover games within the Messenger search field, or on Facebook News Feed where you can play solo or challenge  your friends back in Messenger. You can play the games likes Space Invaders, Puzzle Bobble, Words with Friends: Frenzy and Pac-Man and much more.

Images,reference & source: Facebook

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