Are you bored by your daily internet routine? Need some break and refreshment then browse the following cool and interesting websites and get refreshed. Here is an updated list of cool and interesting websites that make your stay at home more interesting and spend your time at home.

47 Cool and Interesting Websites

Here we listed some of the best websites on the internet. While browsing these sites your mood will get refreshed and you can also learn some new stuff with fun. These are the  47 Interesting and Cool websites of 2024.

Cool and Interesting Websites in 2024

1.Cracked is a funny website, where you will get funny pics, videos and articles. Of course it is humor site which will boost up your bored mood with lot of humor stuff. As you know cracked is very old humor magazine and now it’s humor website.

2.Dear Photograph

Dear photograph shares old photos of people holding up old pictures that were taken at the exact place some years ago.The concept of the website is we wish we could relive. You can submit your old photo and you can recreate your old memory through dear photograph.

3.Rich Kids of Instagram

This is tumbler blog, which show you how the kids of rich people live their daily lives. Visit this photo-sharing blog and see how rich people kids are squandering their parents’ money!

4.Bored Panda

Website’s name suggests that this website is for totally bored pandas to boost their moods.You will get a lot of interesting content on boredpanda. It is leading art, design, DIY, technology, and photography community for you.

5.Quick Meme

Quick meme is the funniest page on internet.It is best source of fun and entertainment.All memes make you laugh and refresh your stressful mind. You can also post your handmade meme on this site.You can also browse funny pics and gifs too.

6.Awkward Family Photos

This is a website where people share perfectly imperfect photos of their family members or loved ones in weird settings that are both funny and entertaining.

7.Brain Pickings

Weariness doesn’t mean you ought to occupy yourself with the least complex and most personality desensitizing substance out there on the internet. Take a stab at growing your insight by plunging profound into the unbelievably valuable and provocative blog entries on Brain Pickings. It is about an inventory of cross-disciplinary interestingness, spanning art, science, design, history, philosophy, and more.


9GAG is also best website to visit to kill your time when you have will get best humor jokes on 9GAG.It has the huge collection of funny images, gifs, memes, and videos too. 9GAG is  my personally favorite site from the list of cool and interesting websites.


Reddit is another best place to find some interesting and cool stuff.It is front page of the internet where users share their news, tech updates, and funny stuff around the web. Reddit users have a special kind of humor sense so visiting Reddit is always worth your time.


It is another one from humor land.Smosh is very popular for it’s funny YouTube videos.You can refresh yourself by visiting Smosh funny pranks, pictures, emojis screenshots and even games.

11.Buzz Feed

Buzz feed collects all funky buzz from all over internet and social networks and share it for its fans.There are many categories on buzz feed which make you feel better when you feel low and bored at your daily internet routine.


It is bizarre and beautiful photos collection captured by the nine lenses on Google Street View camera cars as they photograph scenes around the world.

13. Useful Science

This website is a collection of summaries of research published in scientific journals. You will find a source for research use in everyday life.Everything from health, fitness, and nutrition, to productivity, happiness, sleep, and creativity.


Imgur is very cool image sharing website.It has huge collections of memes, funny pictures, and other fun stuff.You can also upload images on Imgur.

15.Faces of Facebook

Here you will get more than 1,2 billion Facebook profile pictures together, on a single webpage. And it’s really fun to find out which FACE are you.The #1 Facebook face is Mark Zuckerberg himself.


This website curates everything weird and hilarious stuff that people post on Facebook. You can browse Funny Facebook Statuses, Fails, LOLs and More.In case, you bored with your daily Facebook news feed then Lamebook is the best alternative to kill your bored time.


Using time-lapse you can watch how world is changed in last three decades.Timelapse show you satellite images from Google Maps.

18.World CAM

This website lets you find places/geotagged photos on Instagram.It is the best way to find the latest Instagram photos from places on the other side of the world, or just around the corner.Just enter the location of a place and city and hit search button.

19.Honest Slogans

This website is an amazing collection of hundreds of iconic brands and their slogans re-created.This website is created by graphic designer Clif Dickens.

20.This is why I’m Broke

This is very cool online shopping website that let’s you browse and buy unique products over internet.It is one of best option if you are get bored by traditional online shopping sites.

21.Is it Normal

On this website you can ask questions and once it gets approved by owner, the community can weigh in their thoughts.You can also ask funny questions here.You can vote and submit personal scenarios too.The best part of it is you can ask questions anonymously.

22.Reasons My Son Is Crying

It is website about reasons why children cry for.All reasons are submitted by parents around the world. If you are parent then you will like this website.

23.Project Alexandria

It is project for book readers.It will help you find your next page-turner.Just enter the Book title or your favourite author name to get recommendations based on Books similar to it.


You can mix and match Videos with different other audio sources on crossfade.You can do mixture and use it other video websites.Just add the source URLs of audio and Video to mash and mix them together using this website.


Browse the best Google Maps satellite imagery around the world. You can  up vote on images with and move the map around and take your own snapshots.


This website is perfect example of what will happen,if you post your phone number in public place.This website has collection of text messages which exchanged by website owner with people who have post their phone number in public ads.

27.Find the Invisible Cow

Just go to this website and turn on audio of your computer and try to find out hidden cow with audio clues.

28.The Useless Web

Go to this website and  just click on please  and this website will take you to somewhere  another useless website.This website takes you to another useless website every time you click.

29.Creepy Girl

If you really feeling very lonely then just visit this site.Creepy girl is there to keep you company.

30.Draw A Stickman

Draw a stickman and then play an adventure with it.It is game you have to play with stick man which you drew according to website instruction.I am sure it will refresh your mood.


Spreeder is an e-reading software that permits you to upload content and practice reading at speeds way higher that you imagine you could read at. Not just do you sharpen your speed reading skills, you’re additionally going to wind up getting significantly more reading this way than whatever other.

32. Experience Mount Everest In 3D

This website will take you on trek to the Summit of the Everest peak.And this trek is in 3D.You will feel mount Everest in 3D.


It is an question answer website.Here you can ask questions or you can give answers to other user’s questions.To refresh your mood you can search some funny  and other questions and answers as per your mood.


Giphy is gif serach engine.You can browse lot of gifs on this site.You can change your bored mood by watching funny gifs on giphy.

35.Stumble Upon

Stumble upon is a website where you can easily discover new and interesting web pages, photos and videos across the internet. You can create account on it and you can add your webpages to stumble upon.


PostSecret is a very cool and interesting website. You can send anonymous postcards with your secrets.There is lot of variations about all kinds of postcard.Just give try its really cool.

37.Dog Vision

The name of website indicates all.This website is designed to show you what a is dog. Just upload an image to this website and it gives the image to reflect what a dog would see.

38.Touch Pianist

You can play the piano online to refresh your mood.This website is your instrument that allows you to perform hard-to-play piano.So play piano freely.


This website will tech you how to play chess online through videos, chess tactics, and chess games.You can visit this website and learn chess and become Chessmaster.

40.Sneeze the Dragon

Sneeze the dragon in your bored time.This is a beautiful website which lets you allow to sneeze the little dragon.So Click longer to sneeze harder.


You don’t remember what was that  song that you just heard in a movie or TV Show? No problem this website give you song name which you heard. The website has a collection of music and songs appearing in popular television shows and movies.You can find song,song artist etc.

42.Pixel Thoughts

Pixel thoughts lets you put a stressful thought in the star. It is an online meditation tool to help clear your mind.

43.Viral Nova

Viral nova gives you latest interesting, hilarious, and mind-blowing stories on the internet. Viral nova is totally based on fun and it’s stuff everyone’s talking about.

44.The Oatmeal

The oatmeal is another humor website which will keep your mood fresh.You can  read different comics on oatmeal.You can also do shopping on oatmeal.

45.Cooking for Engineers

Cooking for Engineers  is  detailed instructions on food and cooking.This website cover almost all, from recipes much more related about cooking.This website has old classical look which make website easy to access.


TED is a non-profit media organization which posts talks online for free distribution.TED provides you influential videos from expert speakers on education, business, science, tech and creativity etc.

47.Good Reads

Reading quotes is also boost your mood.When you feel bored just start to read quotes and it will definitely change your mood.Good read has an awesome collection of quotes.You will also find different kind of books on good reads.

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