Virtualization Techniques in Cloud Computing

Virtualization techniques in cloud computing are not a new technique. It is an old school technique and IBM started it in the late 60’s. Virtualization is a technique. Which permits to share a single physical case of a resource or an application among various clients and associations. It does by allocating a coherent name to a physical storage besides giving a pointer to that physical resource when requested. The virtualization is increasing new objectives and drawing in the individuals who need to play out the “wonder of multiplication,” as it is to fit more data into less space.

In short, Virtualization is the “making a virtual version of something, for example, a server, a desktop, an operating system, a storage device or network resources”.virtualization-cloud-computing

Why use virtualization technique in cloud computing?

There are several reasons to use a virtualization technique in cloud computing. The main reason is less cost, using virtualization in cloud computing you can reduce your cost of services. And other things which are related to your cloud computing network. There are many remarkable points which lead you to use virtualization technique in cloud computing and here I listed those remarkable points just for you.

  • Cost effective: As mentioned above, virtualization technique will save your money; so cost reduction is the main reason to use virtualization technique in cloud computing.
  • Secure environment: Virtualization provides isolation and protected environment. Virtual networks are isolated from other virtual networks and from the fundamental physical network by default and give the least privilege security principle.
  • Time effective: Virtualization is time-saving for you because using virtualization technique you can reduce numbers of physical servers. It means, with fewer servers, you can spend less time on the manual tasks required for server maintenance. It’s also much faster to deploy a virtual machine than it is to deploy a new physical server.
  • Green IT/Save energy: Virtualization technique helps you to improve your ‘green it’contribution. Organizations spend a great deal of cash driving unused server limit. Virtualization lessens the number of physical servers, decreasing the vitality required to power and cool them.
  •  Easy desktop management: Managing, securing and overhauling desktops and notebooks can be a bother. Desktop virtualization arrangements let you oversee client desktops midway, making it less demanding to keep desktops updated and secure.

You can use virtualization technique for ease of duplication, relocation, and speedy disaster recovery. Virtualization technique also run applications which are not supported by the host. So these are the reasons to use virtualization technique in cloud computing.

Types of Virtualization:

  1. Hardware Virtualization.
  2. Operating system Virtualization.
  3. Server Virtualization.
  4. Storage Virtualization.

1) Hardware Virtualization:

At the point when the virtual machine software or virtual machine manager (VMM) is straightforwardly installed on the hardware system is known as hardware virtualization.

The principal employment of hypervisor is to control and observing the processor, memory and other equipment resources. After virtualization of the hardware system, we can introduce a distinctive operating system on it and run diverse applications on those OS.

2) Operating System Virtualization:

At the point when the virtual machine software or virtual machine manager (VMM) is introduced on the Host operating system rather than straightforwardly on the hardware system is known as operating system virtualization.

3) Server Virtualization:

At the point when the virtual machine software or virtual machine manager (VMM) is directly installed on the Server system is known as server virtualization.

4) Storage Virtualization:

It is the way toward gathering the physical storage from various system storage gadgets with the goal that it would appear that a single storage device. Storage virtualization is most importantly actualized  by utilizing software applications.

These are the different kinds of virtualization technique which are used in cloud computing.

How virtualization used in cloud computing?

Virtualization assumes an imperative part in the cloud computing innovation, regularly in the cloud computing, clients share the information shown in the clouds like application and so on, however really with the assistance of virtualization clients shares the Infrastructure.

The fundamental use of Virtualization Technology is to furnish the applications with the standard variants to their cloud clients, assume if the following form of that application is discharged, at that point cloud supplier needs to give the most recent version to their cloud clients and essentially it is conceivable in light of the fact that it is more costly.

To conquer this issue we utilize fundamentally virtualization technology, By utilizing virtualization, all servers and the software application which are required by other cloud suppliers are kept up by the outsider individuals, and the cloud suppliers need to pay the cash on a month to month or yearly premise.

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