artificial intelligence apps for android and iPhoneArtificial intelligence apps for Android and iPhone: Nowadays technology is changing rapidly and artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and cloud computing are some examples of ultra-modern technology. Today, we are talking about the best artificial intelligence apps for your Android and iPhone (iOS).

Basically, Artificial Intelligence is technology where machines can think like humans and perform tasks normally like the human. Nowadays most of the people aware of AI. Artificial Intelligence Apps can do so many things and makes your life fast and much simple. The use of AI is not limited only with Apple Siri, Amazon Echo, Microsoft Cortana and Google Allow-it has gone far beyond you could have ever imagined.AI apps saves your time and some AI assistance works like your personal assistant which is really nice feeling. AI apps also help you for sending messages, checking your emails and weather, getting quotes for the rides, scheduling tasks & important meetings, making lists and more.

Artificial intelligence apps for Android and iPhone

This article will give you an idea of the 9 best Artificial Intelligence apps for your Android and iOS devices.

1.Google Allo

Google Allo is the best artificial intelligence app from Google. It does a lot of things for you and saves your precocious time. Apart from that, if you are in a really bad mood and feeling exhausted after a long and uninterrupted striking on the keyboard, Google Allow will help you and it can even crack jokes for you to refresh your mood. Google Allo is one more personal assistant app that works like a messenger.

Google Allo can do a lot of things like answering the question, a reminder of info at given time, add events to the calendar, find videos and search information for you and much more. You can basically answer the messages without moving a finger. The Smart Reply takes in your conduct and proposes reactions to photographs and content in your style. Google Allo is something other than a personal assistant where you can get imaginative with photographs by doodling them. In addition, you can express your motion with stickers planned by autonomous fashioners from around the globe.So Google Allo is best and must have artificial intelligence app on your smartphone.

(Download it on Android iOS )

2. Cortana

Cortana is another AI-powered digital agent app introduced by Microsoft. After Windows 10 launch Cortana is a well-known app for everyone. Now Cortana app is available for Windows phone, Android as well as on iOS.

Cortana will help you get things done. Like Siri, you can talk with Cortana. You can set the reminder in Cortana, for example, you can schedule a meeting and the rest will be handled by Cortana. Additionally, you can search for information, schedule emails and send messages using Cortana. To use Cortana on your device you have to download it from a respective store and you have to sign in to your Microsoft account.

(Download it on Android & iOS)

3. Hound

Hound is a good Artificial Intelligence App and is fundamentally the same as Cortana. It fundamentally encourages you with cutting-edge things and essential functionalities like coordinated Expedia bolster for making inn appointments and home loan adding the machine, and so forth.

Like Google Voice Search, you can utilize Hound by talking normally and get the outcomes showed in a split second. Without utilizing your finger or tapping the screen, you can enact the application by saying “OK Hound”.

Hound comes in the extensive variety of features, for example, you can tune in to your most loved music or video playback curated in the SoundHound playlist. Aside from it, you can set different alerts at the same time and set the clock as indicated by your necessities. You can do a lot of things with Hound. So Hound is also best and must have AI application for your Android & iOS devices.

(Download it on Android & iOS)


Robin is another famous Artificial Intelligence application that fills in as a personal assistant while you are moving. Simple to utilize, Robin enables you to compose message through voice, get neighbourhood data, jokes and GPS route without moving your eyes off the street.

The best thing about this application is that it always learns and adjusts to you. Robin can enable you in essential orders to like sending messages or calling. Not just this, it can react to motions and furthermore let you discover traffic and parking alerts, gas costs, and significantly more.It is an absolute necessity have application for the individuals who are moving and don’t have any desire to change their lives by taking a gander at the screen rather than the street.

(Download it on Android & iOS)

5. Recent News

Recent is a savvy news application that gives your news, tweaked, now. It’s controlled by artificial intelligence that takes in your interests, recommends significant articles, and proposes points you may get a kick out of the chance to take after. It’s a speedier and better approach to remain educated about subjects you adore.

It can be synchronized with different gadgets to help you bookmark articles on your cell phone and peruse them later on other smart gadgets. In addition, the simplicity of trading your history and bookmarks will likewise enable you to save battery by invalidating background action.

If you are news lover then go for Recent News app.

(Download it on Android & iOS)

6.Stifr Magic Cleaner

Stifr Magic Cleaner is likewise one of the mainstream artificial intelligence applications, used to recognize junk photographs on your phone to free up some space. The pictures are examined through a progression of machine learning algorithms. Aside from that, the application is brisk and convey comes about immediately. Besides, you can choose the photographs physically to erase or permits the Siftr to take the necessary steps. The application is accessible free of any charge on iOS and Play store.

(Download it on Android & iOS)


Is it accurate to say that you are wild about enhancing your English pronunciation without paying a strong expense? Elsa is here to save you. Elsa (English Language Speech Assistant) is an artificial intelligence application offering proficient instructing on articulation with an arrangement of activities and educating material.

The application asks your local language and projects its inquiries as needs are. In the event that you need to know the pronunciation of the particular word, simply input the word and learn. The application is free of cost on Play Store and iTunes. Download it now and be the ace of the English language immediately.

(Download it on Android & iOS)

8. Penny

Need a definite write about your earnings and costs? Penny is a free personal finance application that will readily offer one. Sadly, the application just covers US-based banks now. Yet Penny revealed to me it would fill me in as to whether this adjustment later on.

Indeed, even the most exhausting methodology – connecting your bank accounts to the application – is done conversationally. Once you’ve downloaded and opened the application. You’ll be welcomed by Penny and inquired as to whether you’d get a kick out of the chance to connect any of your most utilized credit or debit cards. After you’ve connected your accounts, you can get some information about anything with respect to your costs previously. For instance, you can ask Penny the amount you’ve spent on nourishment or pharmaceutical a week ago, or to demonstrate your wage versus spending diagram in the course of the last half year. So it is must have the AI-powered app you are looking for personal finance app.

(Download it on Android & iOS)

9. Prisma

Are you want to become the artist? then Prisma is must have AI-powered app for you. Prisma converts your photos into incredible artworks by using modern art filters, stunning photo effects. Most important part of Prisma is you can share your photo very quickly on social media sites.

Prisma changes your photographs into fine arts utilizing the styles of famous artists: Munk, Picasso and in addition world well-known trimmings and examples. A remarkable mix of neural networks and artificial intelligence encourages you to transform noteworthy minutes into ageless art.

(Download it on Android & iOS)


Artificial Intelligence is a keen and successful approach to spare time.AI is also make you more productive and it helps you to archives your goals on time. You can use the above-listed apps as per your need because I picked up AI apps from various categories. Artificial Intelligence is improving day by day. So let’s see what’s more to come in the future, for now, choose your AI app from above list. And in case you know more AI-powered apps let me know via comments.

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