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Are you looking for the best tech gifts to buy in 2024? Then you are at right place. Here I am listed best tech gifts in 2024 for your tech-savvy loved ones. When you think about to tech gifts obviously many gadgets comes in your mind. But before do plan to buy those gadgets, you should know which tech gift you are going to buy. Because nowadays many innovative tech gifts are available online to buy. So it’s always better to gift innovative tech gift rather than traditional tech gadget. That’s why here I  listed innovative and best tech gifts which you can buy at this holiday season in 2024.

7 Best Tech Gifts To Buy 2024

Best Tech Gift NameBest Buy At Amazon
Car Phone Mount Holder for all iPhonePhone Xs Max R 8 Plus 7 6s SE
Tile Pro Replaceable Battery
Slice Pocket Sized and Auto-Retractable: Ceramic Safety Blade & Cutter
CPR Call Blocker to block all Robocalls, Scam Calls, Unwanted Calls on Landline Phones
Sideclick universal remote attachment for Amazon Fire TV streaming player
Ledger Nano S Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet
Evo App-Connected Coding Robot

1. iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Dashboard & Windshield Car Phone Mount Holder

Your search of the best dashboard and windshield car phone mount holder is ended here. Because iOttie is providing you best all in one dashboard and windshield car phone holder for your iPhone Xs Max R 8 Plus 7 6s SE Samsung Galaxy S9 S8 Edge S7 S6 Note 9 & other smartphones.

It includes a semi-permanent dashboard disc that applies directly to the dashboard. While mounting on the dashboard both surface area and the product itself have a temperature above 40F. Plus, please let the dashboard pad sit for 30 minutes, before installing. This holder has an adjustable viewing with ‘Telescopic Arm’ extends from 4.9” – 8.3” and pivots on 225° arc for a variety of optimal positions. The best thing about this product has it universally holds all phone and case combinations from 2.3” -3.5’” includes Easy One Touch mount locks and release system.

2. Tile Pro With Replaceable Battery

Tile pro is the best device finder for gadgets lover who has a habit of forgetting gadgets. You can physically attach Tile Pro to any item and pairs with an iOS or Android device via Bluetooth to monitor its location.

When activated, you can ping a Tile tracker remotely to locate a lost match of keys, for instance, or find a dropped wallet with Tile’s exceptional publicly supported Community Find feature. Tracking goes both courses, as tapping Tile’s catch button a host gadget to sound if it’s inside range, valuable for finding a lost iPhone.

Tile Pro will now work from 300 feet away and it’s better to find lost things. The best thing about it is that it comes with a replaceable CR2032 battery which is last long for one year.

3. Slice Pocket-Sized and Auto-Retractable: Ceramic Safety Blade & Cutter

Slice mini cutter is very handy and which can fits in your palm. It will help you to cut your everyday packaging and slicing needs. When a blade is not in use, it will safely be hidden.  This Slice pocket-sized blade is ceramic blade and stays sharp up to 11 times longer than steel and never rusts. You can use it in your home, office or any other places where you are planning to stay longer. It has only one blade so not much worry about safety.

It has a key ring hole to add to your key-chain or lanyard, and it is non-conductive and non-magnetic. It’s made from ceramic so it’s lifespan is long. So you don’t need to change the blade very often.

4. CPR Call Blocker to block all Robocalls, Scam Calls, Unwanted Calls on Landline Phones

Are you frustrated with spam call on your landline number? If the answer is Yes then don’t be worry because now you can block call on your landline phone using CPR call blocker. You can easily block robocalls, scam calls and unwanted calls on CPR call blocker. There is big red “Block Now” button for quick call blocking, as well as the ability to respond to touch-tone input from your handset. It comes with 5000 Pre-Programmed blocked numbers, also you can block 1500 numbers more.

You need caller id service from your network provider for this product to work.  It works with all standard DECT phone lines. You need an internal setup for some phone system. Blocking function is very easy to use. Block a number by entering #2 on any DECT handset connected to the telephone base. You can gift this product to anyone who is using a landline.

5. Sideclick universal remote attachment for Amazon Fire TV streaming player

Sideclick universal remote attachment for Amazon Fire TV streaming player is slim and compatible with IR remotes. This product is all in one package for control the basic functions of your TV, receiver, sound bar, Blu Ray and Amazon Fire TV. You can easily program this remote using IR technology and from your existing device’s remote. Its clip-on design allows you to maintain fire TV’s voice search.  It is compatible with Echo Voice Remote.

6. Ledger Nano S Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

Looking for a wallet to gift your loved ones? But this one is not your traditional wallet. This is Ledger Nano S cryptocurrency hardware wallet. You can keep your friends and your bitcoins safe using this cryptocurrency wallet. So answer to your question, Where should I store bitcoins for maximum safety? is here you can store your bitcoins in Ledger Nano S cryptocurrency hardware wallet for maximum safety.
The best thing about this wallet is you can store unlimited bitcoins. You can update this wallet anytime because while updating this wallet you don’t need to transfer coins to anywhere. After updating and restoring, all the coins will reappear automatically. It works with all main supported operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac, Android phone.

This wallet supports many cryptocurrencies for examples it supports ETH, ETC, Dash, Ripple, Stratis, ZCash, Litecoin, NEO, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Cash, Viacoin and a few other alt currencies. You can also control many accounts because it’s an HD wallet. It means that all cryptos stored here will be secure with the same backup key. So you can use this wallet as like bank where you can store your friends and family bitcoins. It is a highly secure wallet. In short, it’s worth buying to Ledger Nano S cryptocurrency.

7. Evo App-Connected Coding Robot

Evo-app is a smart and social robot. You can utilize your playtime and learn to programme with playing. You can gift it to kids who love to play and want to learn new things. This toy is like a coding game for a kid to learn how to code and programming. it’s a golfball-sized thingamabob that walks around the floor or table, reacting to directions. Similarly, as with Bit, you can code Evo by basically drawing lines on paper. An optical sensor can recognize what shading the ink is, and it will pursue along an essential dark line or accelerate when it hits a fix of blue.
You can handle this robot with your Android and iOS devices. You can connect the OzoLaunch app with this robot and you can handle it.  Do Code Evo online with the OzoBlockly editor or screen-free with the stroke of a Color Code marker. You can enhance the coding knowledge of your kid friends gifting this Evo App-Connected Coding Robot.

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