Almost the whole world is in lockdown due to coronavirus (COVID-19). Many businesses are shout down and many companies have now started work from home policies. Work from home or remote working environment limits productivity and to avoid this problem companies use video conferencing software.  Large scale companies adapt to any work environment quickly but the problem is with small scale business. So here I am talking about the best video conferencing solutions for small businesses.

If you are working in the IT industry you are familiar with work from home environment. While for another industry worker it’s a new and quite awkward work environment. To deal with this situation you need a reliable video conferencing service.

Selecting the best video conferencing solutions for small businesses can improve the productivity of employees to work remotely from home. Your business can take online business meetings, solve the technical problems and many more tasks can be done via video conferencing.

Cost-cutting is possible using the best video conferencing solutions for small businesses. Due to work from home, you can save traveling costs and other office expenses.

What is web video conferencing?

In short video conferencing is a video call. Nowadays everyone is familiar with the video call features using skype. Web video conferencing is done via web conferencing software and it uses your computer or mobile device’s microphone and camera for video calls. It’s like you are talking in the same room while you are on opposite ends of the world.web video conferencing

Now due to lockdown, work from is heavily increased. Automatically companies are using video conferencing to make work more productive and to do meetings and other essential work. Overseas companies also use web video conferencing.

Web video conferencing is much better than traditional phone calls. It is cheaper and almost as good as a face-to-face meeting. So video conferencing is the best solution for small businesses when it comes to working from home.

There are different video conferencing software in the market with different features.

Small business should select the software which that’s got features that business need. It’s always the best to consider premium options since they provide more functionality.

Web conferencing software features which should be considered while selecting software as below: 

Price: Price is not feature but it matters a lot because you are looking product for your small business. Buy software that is in your budget as well as completes your need for video conferencing.

Meeting Starting: This is the capacity to begin a meeting rather than simply being a meeting member. This is significant in the event that you’ll be hosting the online video meetings yourself.

Screen Sharing:  If you want to share your workstation with others during a video conference then you need this feature.

Whiteboard: You or your attendees can take note or draw on a shared screen using a whiteboard feature.

Recording: The option of recording your web conference is useful for those who can’t attend your meeting. It is also proof of what happened during the meeting.

Audio: Audio option is a must in your web video conference because sometimes your teammates have not a webcam. At least he/she can take part in meeting through audio. Every time the video conference is not just that time you can do the audio-only meeting.

Webinars: This allows you to present to a group while at the same time keeping up control over who can contribute. That means every attendee can hear you, but no one else can present during the session.

Chat: Real-time chat option is necessary. It allows people to text type during the conference. This is useful for sharing links during discussions and making notes. A private chat option is also important. It allows several team members to communicate privately during the main meeting. This can be useful for answering questions. 

Video Conferencing: It is the main purpose of your overall web video conference software. This option will allow video meeting members to enable their webcams so that they can see each other during the meeting.

Mobile access or apps: Mobile app or access over mobile of conference software will help people can participate even when on the go.

Technical Support: When purchasing video conference software makes sure the product has technical support. It will help you a lot when any technical problem occurs to your software. 

It is not necessary that you have to buy conferencing software which includes above all features. Because your business will need at least some of them. So pick a tool which full fill your business need

Now let’s explore the different video conference software in which you are looking for your small business.

Best video conferencing solutions for small business

Are you looking for a video conference solution? Check out some of the best video conferencing solutions for small businesses.


Zoom becomes more popular during this pandemic time. It is the most used video conferencing service on the market. Zoom provides you the most basic level at free. In the free version of Zoom, you can host up to 100 meeting participants for up to 40 minutes.

Zoom offers online meetings, both planned and specially appointed utilizing individual meeting rooms, video webinars, and meeting rooms.

It provides both video and audio in HD quality. It provides the instant messaging option and audio-only calls option too. Zoom has mobile applications for iOS and Android. You can record meetings and spare them to the cloud.

Zoom provides calls or meetings including up to 1000 video members and 10,000 viewers. Zoom offers an essential plan for nothing out of pocket, yet the paid choices start at $14.99 every month per host.

2.Google Hangouts Meet

Google Hangouts Meet is a piece of the G Suite office productivity platform, and have delighted in an ongoing rebrand, intends to give a top of the line conferencing service. Hangouts permit you to have video meetings that anybody can join using the provided link.

Participants can join without sign up a Google account or download the fitting module. Hangouts coordinate with G Suite, so you can naturally make schedule things and incorporate a custom link for conferencing. You would then be able to share the invite (alongside the meeting join link) through email.

Hangouts are Android and iOS based. Hangouts Enterprise clients can create a dial-in number so individuals can bring in with their phones. The Basic version of G Suite, which incorporates Hangouts, begins at $6 per client every month.

3.Mircosoft Teams/ Skype for Business

If your company uses Mircosoft products then consider Microsoft Team for your business. Skype for Business is being replaced by Microsoft Teams, which contains a significant number of similar features. There’s even a free version of the meeting software to kick you off.

It permits you to speak with your partners by means of group chat, online meetings, audio calls, and web conferencing. You can likewise utilize its built-in integration to team up on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. Groups support extra incorporations with third-party tools.

Microsoft Teams is accessible for nothing out of pocket, and the main features that you wouldn’t approach are identified with administrative tasks and support from Microsoft.

The paid version starts at $12.50 per client every month with a yearly agreement. You can use it on any computer, just as on iOS and Android phones.

4.Cisco WebEx

Cisco Webex is an enterprise-level web conferencing administration. Webex video conferencing lets you join utilizing your gadget from any place you can access the web.

you’ll appreciate numerous features including screen sharing, cloud recording, individual video meeting rooms, and the sky is the limit from there. The number of individuals you can remember for your web meeting relying upon the degree of bundle your buy. With the free starter level, you can incorporate 100 members. At the Business level, you can have up to 200 meeting members. What’s more, there are a few degrees of this web conferencing programming in the middle.

Webex plans start at $13.50 per month every host.

5.Go ToMeeting

GoToMeeting by LogMeIn offers web conferencing answers for organizations all things considered. GoToMeeting can be utilized by those with a PC or cell phone.

You can begin or go to a GoToMeeting meeting utilizing links in emails and texts. In the event that it’s your first time utilizing the product, you may need to download it.

It’s a smart thought to prepare your customers or staff on the best way to utilize the service just because, so they don’t get too baffled when joining the call.GoToMeeting offers an individual meeting room that is available by means of a custom URL. You can set up an impromptu meeting for up to 25 individuals utilizing top-quality feeds.

Your meetings support work area sharing, just as joint effort utilizing the whiteboard, talk, and drawing apparatuses. For the individuals who can’t go to your meeting, you can record and store your meeting on the web.

While you can get by with simply your PC or cell phones, the GoToRoom alternative accompanies equipment like speakers and screens.

GoToMeeting offers a free, 14-day trial. A while later, GoToMeeting costs $14 every month for up to 10 members with a yearly agreement.


This generally new web-based meeting software additionally has a great deal to offer in any event, for small businesses. There’s a free version for singular clients (with constrained features, for example, just five members for each meeting and no webcam streams). is a simple to-utilize web-based gathering alternative that doesn’t require the utilization of restrictive applications or downloads.

As a host, you can guarantee a customized URL your participants can utilize, modify the vibe of your meeting, and offer your screen (or not).’s sound features are fueled by OpenVoice (which charges expenses for your use).

Costs for start at $10 for an arrangement that underpins meeting without any than five members.

7.Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is a meeting and webinar solution for small businesses. It’s a piece of the Zoho Customer Relationship Management (CRM) group of tools. While the greater part of different arrangements on this rundown is intended for a coordinated effort among employees and colleagues, Zoho Meeting centers around customer connections.

Notwithstanding meeting related highlights, Zoho Meeting accompanies exposure apparatuses (valuable on the off chance that you are facilitating webinars), just as cloud storage for your recorded substance. You can set up meetings early, or you can begin them specially appointed. Meetings can incorporate sound or potentially visual components, just as screen sharing.

Costs start at $8 per have every month for meetings that can support up to 100 participants. If you aren’t sure if Zoho Meetings is directly for you, attempt their free 14-day trial version. You can use Zoho using computers, as well as iOS and Android devices.

Stay tune list of best video conferencing solutions for small businesses will be updated regularly.

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