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In this post, we are talking about top gaming mice for 2023. Each mouse on this list is going to be ideal for first-person, shooter games, but they’re also going to be great for other game genres as well. We have a massive mass collection and feel with many years of gaming under our belt in fps games. This is without doubt the ultimate roundup. Here is our list of the top 5 best gaming mouse 2023.

Top 5 Best Gaming Mouse

Product Best Price
ASUS ROG Strix Impact II Wireless Gaming Mouse$79.99
Razer Viper Mini Ultralight Gaming Mouse$79.99
SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless – Super Light Gaming Mouse$99.99
Logitech G PRO X Superlight Wireless Gaming Mouse$149.59
Model O Wireless Gaming Mouse$144.99

Best gaming mouse 2023

ASUS ROG Strix Impact II Wireless Gaming Mouse

So, let’s start off with our top 5 best gaming mice list for 2023 starting off at number five is the Strix impact 2 wireless. We wanted this in our top 5 because a lot of people haven’t heard of it before and it offers great customization with a simple battery mod. The impact 2 will weigh just under 75 grams 80, with a set of custom side grips installed. Honestly, it’s well worth picking up costing 89 USD.

We find the size and shape perfect for your hand, while using claw grip, but it also caters to other grip stars as well. It has an s2 like hump at the back, with a cut-off that really helps when lifting the mouse up the sides go inwards at the bottom, maybe a little too much. We found grip tape really helps to widen the mouse overall and give it a great two to one ratio measuring around 11.5 centimeters in length and 5.7 centimeters in width.

Both the left and right clicks are perfect, with zero pre-travel and just the right amount of post-travel. Each side button is large enough to get out quickly in the heat of battle. The scroll wheel isn’t amazing with fairly weak steps, but it has a nice middle-click, underneath there are 400 PTFE skates in each corner and two around the sensor, the mouse glides. Let us know tomorrow, you can open up the mouse very easily since the screws are not directly under the skates like on most mice.

We wish every company did this. It saves having to ruin a set of skates every time you want to get inside once you are inside, you can swap out the switches since they’re modular. We really believe this mouse is seriously overlooked. Build quality is excellent inside and out just looking over the mouse. We can see plenty of weight, saving opportunities that could potentially get the Strix impact 2 down to 70 grams, with all the RGB still intact.

As far as the sensor goes, tracking is excellent. There are no detectable jitter delays or spin-outs rog have used the paw33 paw3335 and, apart from the dpi steps, not matching up completely with the other mice that we use it performs really well.

Razer Viper Mini Ultralight Gaming Mouse

It’s the only wired mouse on our list. We appreciate that the mini might just be too small for some people, so we will also include the original viper in this list as well.

The mini, however, is a stripped-back smaller version and the end result is an excellent mouse that doesn’t cost a bomb right now on Amazon, the mini costs, 39 us dollars. That is a steal on our scales. The mini weighs just 61 grams. All from a mouse with no holes build quality is very good. There is hardly any button, wobble body flex lens rattle, plus you even get some RGB on the back.

What is not to like both left and right, clicks use, razer’s own optical switches that feel clean, snappy, and well defined. They are perfect in every way the scroll wheel isn’t much to shout about with hardly any definition between steps and a muddy middle click. The side buttons are excellent and we can distinguish between them easily. Unfortunately, there’s one drawback, the liftoff distance, is pretty high. There are various fixes online.

Personally, you can still game quite happily with it being this high, but some of you might find it a deal-breaker. So we just wanted to make sure we would mention another mouse to consider if you’re on a budget is the corsair guitar pro at costing 29
99 us dollars. Of course, We’ve added a braided cable, making the mouse feel wireless. Both left and right clicks have a spring-loaded design resulting in tight snappy clicks.

The scroll wheel has well-defined steps and the side buttons are well placed to get out quickly and easily definitely worth the asking price.

SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless – Super Light Gaming Mouse

Another ultra-lightweight gaming mouse coming in at just 66 grams, this time around? It will keep your arm and wrist from getting tired, even after countless hours of gaming price, wise you’re. Looking at around 99 UK pounds and 99 us dollars build, quality overall is excellent, even with the honeycomb design, there’s no flex on the sides, no matter how hard we try and press, we cannot activate the side buttons.

Both left and right, clicks have a very little wobble. An issue that most lightweight mice seem to suffer from, especially at launch the switches inside feel the best compared to all the others. In this list, still series have decided to use next-gen golden micro, ip54 switches and they have a well-defined deep click similar to kale reds. In our opinion, the Aerox has a fantastic scroll wheel. You can feel every step.

The middle button also has a solid tactile bump. Some people will not like how low it sits. Personally, we believe, still series have got it just right. Both side buttons are excellent, although we do find it hard to reach mouse 5 due to the flared edge underneath mouse 4, we do find it helps us to grip the mouse more comfortably.

Logitech G PRO X Superlight Wireless Gaming Mouse

It’s the lightest on the list. Quite a bit. We use claw grip and the shape is perfect for your hand, size and also really love the side button placements over any other mouse. We have ever used on our copy we’ve added a set of side, grips, glossed the matte coating, and installed some custom skates. We have also removed some of the components inside making it weigh around 55 grams.

For us, this is the ultimate gaming mouse, but we can’t ignore that Logitech is asking 150 us dollars and 130 UK pounds for it. With that said, if you are prepared to pay that insane price, please know you’re getting one of the best mouse shapes ever dimensions. It is 4.92 inches long, 2.5, inches wide and 1.7 inches tall.

The g pro x, superlight packs Logitech’s latest hero sensor with a maximum cpi of over 25k, and it has zero smoothings, filtering, or acceleration. We can highly recommend the super light, but it isn’t any cheaper compared to the original g pro considering Logitech rips, so many components, and all of the RGB out is strange. How the super light costs as much as the original since essentially is a stripped-back version.

Model O Wireless Gaming Mouse

That’s nearly half the price of Logitech’s pro x super light with no drawbacks whatsoever. It just depends on what shape you prefer compared to the wired. Model o glorious has got it right this time around the original suffered from various quality control issues at launch. The wireless model, however, has been tightened up and greatly improved. The left and right clicks have a very little wobble and even the side buttons feel much better compared to the original wired edition.

The mow works really well for fingertip users. Its shape has been taken from the FK Zoe series and tweaked to have a shorter overall length which greatly improves performance. In our opinion, inside there’s a brand new sensor made in collaboration with Pixar it reaches a whopping 19k battery life is extremely good. Rated at 71 hours, it weighs 69 grams, and we have to say the build quality is top-notch. There’s zero, creaking or flex anywhere on the mouse.

Every button has a crisp clean activation, as you would expect from a mouse costing much more than this. Underneath there are four hundred percent PTFE skates in each corner, that glide very well on your mouse pad. These are our second favorite stock, skates just after the wired, viper and mini like the others. This mouse has plenty of RGB, but the model o wireless wins hands down.  We love the sidebars and the scroll wheel.

Final words:

All are seriously good-looking mice, so that’s our top five list for 2021. The model o wireless takes a top spot because we believe it’s the most well-rounded product compared to the others. The price is just the icing on the cake. You need to pick one up anyway, we really hope you’ve enjoyed our top 5 gaming mice for 2021.

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