Delux M618 Wired Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

In today’s post, we’re talking about Delux M618 Wired Vertical Ergonomic Mouse. I went on amazon and I picked up an ergonomic vertical mouse because I’ve seen so many of them online and I thought you know what might as well give it a shot to see how it is, and so today here we are talking about the deluxe m618 vertical ergonomic mouse review.

Key Features of Delux M618 Wired Vertical Ergonomic Mouse:

  • Sensor: Sensitive optical engine
  • Connection: You will get a ‘wired’ connection.
  • Memory: It doesn’t have onboard memory.
  • You will get up to 600-1000(default)-1600 DPI.
  • It accompanies 6 buttons.
  • Weight: is 178g
  • It comes without a battery.

Delux M618 Wired Vertical Ergonomic Mouse Review:

What you get inside of the box?

You find the mouse itself an additional palm rest, which you can add to the mouse and your usual instruction manual.

Design & Look

Now our first impression upon seeing this mouse was that, honestly, damn it’s pretty big and it looks sophisticated. We really like the grippy material right off the bat you touched it and it just felt really nice in your hand, compared to other gaming mice that we’ve tried in the past when it came to the design of this mouse. The best way to describe it is pretty much that imagine you just have a regular office mouse. You flip it to the side and you plop it down, and this is what you end up with when it came to the material of this build. We will say it’s mainly plastic: it does feel a bit cheap, it’s not the best plastic, but the grip.

On the other hand, it’s a nice matte rubber finish, which we really personally love. That’S probably one of our favorite things about the design of this mouse is the grip and how comfortable it feels in your hand. Now when it came to the buttons, you obviously have your right left click button. You’ve got your scroll wheel and you have your dpi toggle on the top, which is up to 16 000 dpi, so not much, but another thing which we found really cool about. This vertical mouse, in particular, is forward and back buttons, usually on these types of mouse.

Mouse buttons systems

You have the forward and back button right on the top, but in this case, you have the forward on the top and the back on the bottom, which you found really comfortable to use because it just feels a lot more natural when you’re going back or forward. And you just move your thumb up and down, rather than having to move it forward and backward.

Now, this particular model of this mouse is wireless. There is also an option for a wired one, but for us, we don’t really like having wires on our desk, so I chose the wireless one and the way it works. If you just plug in your USB nano receiver into your computer and it’s pretty much plugged and play very easy, very simple, and on the back of the mouse, you also have your casual on-off switch which, whenever you don’t want to use it, you can turn it off to save battery and this mouse runs off of two aaa batteries.

Build quality & weights

One thing we also found really cool about this design and the mouse itself is the included palm rest now. This is something that seems very small in hindsight, but it has a great effect on the actual usage of the mouse myself. We didn’t think it’d be very useful at all at first glance, but after having tried using this mouse with and without the palm rest, we will say that when we don’t use it, we feel like our palm is more so dragging on the table and it becomes a bit annoying, whereas with this it more so glides because it gives you palm a bit more support.

Now, let’s touch on the aspect of ergonomics and our experience with this mouse. We will say that upon using this mouse, it felt really good and the best way to say that is that usually with other gaming, mice or office mice, it feels more so that the mouse is molded to our hand, but in this case, it feels like our hand is meant for the mouse, it just feels a lot more natural and a lot more comfortable to use, but this does come at a little drawback and that drawback is the accuracy of the mouse after a week of using this mouse.

We will say that I still was not able to get used to using this mouse, it’s a very abrupt change, which is not something we very much like, but when it came to the accuracy part of it, this is where it fell short.

We personally did not find it very easy to move the mouse around and click the things that we wanted to click it kind of became a game in the sense that we would sometimes struggle to click. What we wanted to which we used to have no problems with our other previous mouse, so holding the mouse like this, makes that part of it a little bit harder now when it came to the weight of this mouse. It is 140 grams. It’s expected for it to be this heavy. We weren’t surprised at all because you’re not going to be doing heavy gaming or heavy mouse movements with it, it’s just more so for the office environment.

Pros & cons of Delux M618 Wired Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

Now some pros of this mouse, in our opinion, are the ergonomics. We will say that we just loved holding this mouse in our hand, it felt natural. It almost feels like a joystick and it’s very pleasant to hold We’ll give it that. We also really much like the forward and back button. That’s something that other vertical mice don’t have, and this one the fact that it has it configured like this.

It just makes it a lot simpler to go forward and back. The main con of this mouse, though, has to, unfortunately, be the accuracy of someone who is constantly switching between tabs from one monitor to the other. We found it pretty hard to click the right things at times and that’s something that we don’t really like because we want to be as efficient as possible when we are at our workstation doing work. So that’s one drawback in our opinion that we had with this mouse.

Final Words:

We love the aspect of how comfortable it is in the hand and how simple it is to move around. It feels very, very natural, but the one thing we don’t like in this case is the accuracy of the mouse because we are constantly moving our mouse from left to right. But if you don’t do that very often, then honestly, a vertical mouse would be very useful, and as soon as you get one you’ll understand what we mean when we say it’s very, very comfortable. It just feels really natural in your hand, it may take some time to get used to it, but after you get over that hill it’ll be smooth sailing from there. Click here to buy.

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