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The Hinge dating application is better for finding a long-term partner than for hooking up. The vast majority who use Hinge are searching for a genuine relationship, and it isn’t viewed as a hookup application. Hinge is a dating application established by Justin McLeod in 2012. If you are looking for a long-term relationship then Hinge is for you. Here I am talking about how to login to Hinge aka Hinge login.

If you are 18 years old then you can easily sign up and login for a Hinge dating app. Hinge provides you tone of features. You will match yourself with whoever likes and sit tight for a response. Get connected with in excess of 10 people inside a moment. You can plan your date and hook up accordingly. You can download the app free and use it on your Android or iOS devices.

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How to Register Hinge Account

  • Open your browser and log in online to download Hinge for iOS and Android
  • Install the app for free, agree on the app’s terms of use
  • Tap open the app and tap on sign up
  • Tap again on sign up with Facebook
  • You may have to enter your Facebook login details
  • Wait to connect now.

How to Register Hinge with Mobile Phone Number

  • Go to google play store or iOS to first download the hinge app for free
  • Install app and launch the app
  • Tap-open and tap on the signup
  • Enter your mobile phone number
  • Enter your name, email address, and other details required
  • Tap on sign up and wait for the account to create.
  • You have registered the account so go on to match.

Hinge Login: How To Login To Hinge

  1. Open the Hinge app on your device.
  2. Tap on ‘Continue with Facebook’ or ‘continue with phone number’.
  3. If you tap on to continue with Facebook enter your Facebook login details and done. You are logged into your Hinge account.
  4. If you tap on to continue with the phone number, you will get a six-digit verification code. Enter it and verify your phone number. Done, You are logged into your Hinge account.

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