best laptop for medicine students

We are going to be talking about the Best laptop for medical students. So we are going to split this up into three parts, first being realistic and telling you what type of laptop you need for medical school number two being our recommendations, and number three, our personal opinion. In our personal opinion, what we think is the best laptop for medical school.

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Laptop requirements for medical students

Let’s start with number one. So these are the general uses for your laptop as a medical student.

First, collecting slash storing lectures, tutorials pdf books, research papers, storing a bunch of files on your laptop second making notes. However, some prefer handwritten using the internet, of course, for research for school and obviously what other things as well. Entertainment like watching Netflix, YouTube, and finally, of course, during the cover times, the laptop is needed to attend online lectures, do online exams and, of course, sharing notes and etc. So, in order for you to do all of these things, your laptop needs to have the following features: it has a good battery life so that you don’t have to constantly be carrying your charger everywhere. You go as a medical student you’re going to be going to a bunch of lectures, you’re going to be going to the hospital you might go to the library so on and so forth, and you generally just want to have good battery life.

best laptop for medical students

Good internal storage, we would recommend baseline 256 gigabytes and more, of course, fantastic, because that’s going to help with storing all these documents now, of course, bear in mind. Obviously, as you go on to the next year, you don’t have to keep all the documents. First or second year in your laptop, you can just transport them and put them into an external hard drive, a decent processor. So a minimum of intel core i5 processor but i3 also shouldn’t be too bad, but just to be safe, We would recommend definitely a good i5 core processor, with a ram of a minimum of six gigabyte and upper would be fantastic, the reason being having a good intel core processor and fairly good ram-like six gigabytes and higher it’s going to allow you to have many documents open in the same time as you’re, studying as you’re doing research so on. You are going to be having many many things open at the same time and you don’t want things to be freezing up and so on.

So definitely that and finally, when it comes to the size well, you only need a 13-inch laptop. You don’t need a 15-inch laptop whatsoever, as we said, you’re gonna be going to lectures, tutorials, hospitals, libraries, cafes so on friends, space, and so on. You are going to be counting your laptop quite a bit and you don’t want your laptop to be cumbersome or heavy, and a 15-inch will take up space everywhere. It will take up space in your bag, it’ll be heavy, and generally in any platform that you put the laptop on like a table, and so on takes up space. There isn’t much space in order for you to write, notes in a notebook.

Best Laptop For Medical Students

If you have to, we have a friend who has a 15-inch MacBook pro and he regrets buying it because, as he says, it’s just too big a 15-inch is good. If you want to just keep the laptop in your room and when you’re going to lectures, you only make handwritten notes then yeah in that manner. If that’s your sort of style, then of course, in that case, go for it. But we just said: generally, laptops are taken to the lectures and so on so yeah. These are definitely the main things.

We would definitely recommend that you bear in mind when buying yourself a new laptop now going on to point number two, our recommendations. These are our recommendations in terms of the laptops that being the MacBook air, the MacBook pro the Huawei mate book and the Microsoft surface pro now when it comes to the MacBook Pro, which is what we have, we would only get this or the other laptops, but With high specs or top specs, like 512 gigabytes, internal storage, i7 core processor, with like an 8 or 12 16 gigabyte ram all those fast things, we would only get those things if you are someone who other than being a medical student will also be editing. Videos website building coding using photoshop illustrator generally any of these big programs, because these kinds of laptops that we just now mentioned, like the MacBook Pro and the ones with top specs, are better equipped to handle these types of software. Because of the workload that is produced by this software, it’s so much and hence these laptops are genuinely able to handle them. Hence, if you fall into that category, then we would definitely recommend you to buy a MacBook Pro or any of these apps with a really high spec.

It’s going to make your workflows so much easier. However, if you don’t fall into that category, then you don’t need to splurge that extra money on your MacBook Pro or any of the laptops we mentioned you don’t need to get the top-spec whatsoever, just the specs that we mentioned earlier. That will be more than enough, or also it doesn’t have to just be these laptops that we mentioned it can also just be any other laptop generally, of course, within your price budget, that’s the most important but again try and bear in mind to keep those specs That we mentioned like what you actually need in medical school and as long as you have that and the price budget that suits you, then that’s perfect for you. What’s really cool about the Microsoft surface pro is that it also acts as a tablet, and it comes with a pen so for people who do make handwritten notes, you can actually make handwritten notes on the Microsoft surface pro, which is really really cool, just like how People make notes on the iPad Pro, so that is a really really cool feature. To be honest, especially when going on hospital rounds, it’ll be fantastic to carry a tablet and into writing it in a small book.

You can just write it on the thing and you can now categorize them, and you can really organize your files in that manner, so the Microsoft subscriber sounds pretty damn good now. Finally, the third point, our personal recommendation, slash opinion as to what is the best laptop for medical school. Our opinion would be buying any Apple product. Now we don’t want to be someone who’s, just selling apple apple apple.

Who’s been in both worlds. Been having a laptop that runs under Microsoft, so, for example, just as we entered medical school, we had this fairly new Samsung Chromebook that had some really cool features, and so on, but already in the first few months in a very short space of time, it already started slowing down quite dramatically, to be honest, purely due to the sheer amount of files and pdfs and books and stuff that we accumulated and how much we were actually using the laptop day-to-day and when we started my youtube channel and started editing videos. It got even worse. So at some point, we had to buy a new laptop because it generally was freezing every other minute, and once we got our MacBook pro, we never turned back whatsoever. This thing here is a beast.

It is so powerful, so smooth we’ve had this now for about two years now, and it’s been great now, we do use our laptop to edit these videos, of course, and some of these videos can be quite large videos. They have loads of components in them. Hence you do get the occasional glitch at the occasional slowdown, but again that is a bit normal, but we also do overuse our laptop in that sense as well. For our personally, we would actually need a MacBook Pro with higher specifications as well, but we can’t afford that now so anyway, we are kidding this does an amazing job, so grateful for amazon. As we said, having the MacBook pro does not mean that we just push you guys to say that by the MacBook Pro, not until MacBook air does a great job, it really does the MacBook air is perfectly fine.

As we said, you only need the MacBook Pro if you’re editing, videos, building a website, and so on. MacBook air is sufficient enough. It does a great job. The good thing about owning an Apple laptop is the fact that the interface is so smooth, very, very quick. Generally, very, very reliable.

You also have many trackpad gestures like here. Oh and it’s not very professional-looking, but you know where you do things like this: bring up documents and so on, and honestly it seems like a small thing, but trust me that makes your whole interface and your workflow very, very efficient. Now the drawback of buying a MacBook is the fact that it is expensive money needed. It is expensive, don’t get us wrong, but, however, you will not regret buying it out. So you will not regret spending that money on a MacBook honestly that money that you spend on a laptop that runs under Microsoft, like Lenovo or Huawei, and so on.

Honestly, you rather put that money onto an apple product and add maybe an extra couple to 300 pounds, and it will last you for a very very long time. These things are reliable. One of our close friends in medical school. She has the 2012 MacBook air. We believe, and she still uses that same laptop in medical school.

She also has a bunch of things and she also uses her laptop vigorously as well, and her laptop is doing amazing, still amazing battery life about six hours of battery life. So, after only for eight years, that’s crazy, very quick, no glitches now actually think about battery life. The Samsung that we owned, the maximum battery life. It got so bad a maximum of two hours. That’s it so guys!

That’s our take on the best laptop for medical school. Again. Obviously, we have our personal experience. You know we being very, very genuine. we mean it’s not like we are not sponsored by apple or anything and handsome.

You know pushing you out there, it’s purely from experience. It really is a good product, you’re not going to regret, definitely but sum it all up. The most important thing is to keep those specs as we mentioned, and you should be good to go guys if you’ve come this far.

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