How To Add Link To Instagram Story

Are you wondering about how do I put links on my Instagram stories? Then don’t be worry here I am writing about how to add link to Instagram story. Now Instagram is allowing everyone to add link to Insagram story.

Instagram recently updated to add links in stories with new Link Sticker option. Earlier, this feature was only available for some selected users only and links showed up as swipe- up button at the bottom. Though, with the new changes, users would now be to add links to any piece of the story on the screen. The swipe-up technique of linking stories on Instagram was simply available to users with over 10,000+ followers. Now, that limitation has been removed and presently all users on Instagram can post a links in their accounts utilizing Link Stickers.

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How To Add Links To Instagram Story

Since the condition for accounts to add links has been eliminated, this feature is available by all users on Instagram. The organization has as of late declared the worldwide rollout of Link Stickers so it very well might be some time before it gets added to all accounts. The link can be pasted anyplace on the Instagram Stories.

  1. Launch Instagram app and swipe right. You can see post story option. You can post photo or video as story.
  2. When the photo or video is ready to post , click on the  the sticker icon. The Link option should appear just underneath GIF and next to the poll widget choices.
  3. Click on the Link option and type or paste the URL you want to add to the story.
  4. The link then, at that point, appears as some other sticker on an Instagram Story. This Link Sticker can be moved around and put on any piece of the Story.
  5. This Link Sticker is clickable and once clicked, it takes the user to the URL published.
  6. You can post the story on your account by clicking on the Share option.

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