How To Save and Share Audio From Instagram Reels

If you are using Instagram then, you can save and share audio from Instagram reels. Even you can save entire reel page. Here I am talking about how to save and share audio from Instagram reels. Saved reels pages you can share with your friends or followers on Instagram. Reels is very populare since it’s launch. Instagram allows to it’s users to save audio from reels and share that audio on app with other users. You have option to save entire page with same music or audio.

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What are Instagram Reels?

Reels is Instagram short video feature when creaters can make short 15- seconds videos. Creators can use various video as well as audio effect using diffrent editing option. Creators can make talent or funny videos and share it on Instagram with anyone. Once you come across any reel video and you like audio of that reel video dont be worry. You can save audio of that particular reel.

How To Save and Share Audio From Instagram Reels

  1. Launch Instagram app on your mobile phone & make sure you are login to your Insta account.
  2. Play the reel of which you want to save the audio.
  3. Select the audio name at the bottom left corner of the screen, you will be directed to the sound page.
  4. Click on save audio button under the name of song on the audio page for save it.
  5. At top you will see direct message icon, click on it and select user you want to send the reel audio and press send.
  6. If you want to share it on other platforms, tap on three vertical dots which are located at top right hand side and copy link and share it  on other apps.
  7. You can also use audio in your reels. At the bottom, you will get the ‘use audio’ option.

Go to  the Instagram music library that is located in the reels section and see the saved audio. Thus you can save and share audio from reels on Instagram.

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