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Tinder is very famous dating app. Almost every one uses tinder to find date mates and freinds online. Sometimes you need to do specific search for find someone special. But, tinder does not support search by name or tinder username. So here I am writing about can you search people on tinder? As mentioned earlier you can not search people on tinder but you can select your search preferences on settings page of tinder.

Limited your search preferences to an area, age range, or other characteristic of the individual you’re looking. Tinder has no clear method for looking for somebody by name.

Can You Search People On Tinder?

You can search for a particular person on Tinder assuming you’re matched with that individual.

To search for somebody in your match list, tap the message bubble symbol on the main screen > press and pull down on the screen until a search bar shows up > type that individual’s name in the search bar.

Thus you can search for a specific person on tinder only if you are matched with each other on tinder.

Find Someone on Tinder by Narrowing the Search Distance

On tinder you to look for individuals inside a particular distance of your area.

  1. Launch tinder on your mobile phone.
  2. Go to your profile page and select Settings.
  3. You can change some of your search preferences, including age range, distance, gender, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Set Tinder to search from your present area.
  4. Select Done in the upper-right corner to save your search preferences.

Find Someone on Tinder by Narrowing the Age Range.

If you are looking for certain age range then you need to set the age range to only that age on tinder.

  1. Go to your tinder profile page and select settings.
  2. Search the age slider underneath the distance slider and slide the left button to the age you need.
  3. Move the right slider to match the first. On the off chance that you don’t know of the individual’s age, move the sliders to be as narrow a reach as you need.
  4. Select Done in the upper-right corner to save your search preferences.
  5. Presently you can swipe through individuals of as old as the individual you’re searching for.

Search People on Tinder by Their Passions

In the Explore tab, you can fileter users by their passions, or interests. For example, assuming that you search “adrenaline junkies,” you’ll see individuals who are keen on outside exercises like setting up camp and rock climbing. Make certain to add interests to your profile so others can all the more effectively match with you.

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