Does Hinge Notify You Of Screenshots

Hinge is mobile dating app avialble on both Android and iOS. If you are looking for long term connctions rathe rthan hookups then hinge is for you. The best thing about hinge isĀ  you only match with people who you have mutual Facebook friends with. You can take quizz on hinge while you swipe and using quiz you will get profiles to swipe. Hinge have lot features in basket and you will get to know each feature while using hinge. In case, you are thinking about does hinge notify you of screenshots?

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Does Hinge Notify You Of Screenshots?

Hinge does not send users screenshots or secreen reocrding notification. You take screenshot of other user profile, photo or messages you exchanged while chat etc. Once you take screenshot without knowing that user but after that you starts thinking, does hinge alert screenshots? As mentioened earlier answer is big no. Hinge does not notify other user about your screenshot. If hinge want to do that hinge need to update privacy policies and need mention clearly about screenshot policy. It’s clear that hinge does not nofify users about any kind of screenshot on app. It means you can take screenshot while chat on hinge or any other page of app like profile or photos of other users.

Taking screen shots in your Hinge application chat will go totally unnoticed, whether you use it on Android or iOS. People think dating apps also give notifications because Snapchat and other some chatting apps like InstagramĀ  give notifications when you take screenshots. It is official and confirm that Hinge does not send notification to ususers when you take screenshot or do screen recording. It means you can take screenshot on hinge without notifiying other users. and it’s does not matter whether you use it on Android and iOS.

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