What Does OBJ Mean In Text

Have you ever seen a dotted box where you see an abbreviation obj in the text? You see an acronym obj in the text so what does OBJ mean in text? Here I am writing about what OBJ means in the text on social media. why does OBJ show up on the screen? These are essentially emojis or images that you can’t see on your device.

What Does OBJ Mean In Text? 

OBJ on social media posts is an “object replacement character” in Unicode that is utilized as a message/text placeholder for a generally unknown item. It implies that OBJ is a replacement for a character that can’t be shown on your screen.

So you’ve posted something on social media, maybe something joyful, with a magnificent little emoji to really make yourself clear. In any case, as you check your new post on your phone, you understand that your lovely emojis are mysteriously absent. All things considered, you see monstrous minimal dashed boxes with the letters ‘OBJ’ inside them in their place.

Why Do You See OBJ On Facebook?

This moment could be a decent opportunity to inquire: how is it that this could work out? Wasn’t Unicode made exactly with the goal that things like this couldn’t occur?

Believe it or not. You’re not really expected to be seeing OBJ. Commonly, this image possibly shows up when the software you’re utilizing doesn’t have the foggiest idea of how to show a specific character from another software. That is the reason it’s an ‘object substitution character.’ The software has no clue about how to show a particular object, so it replaces it with a placeholder all things considered.

There could be three reasons why this is going on to you:

Software Bug

In the event that you’re certain you’ve utilized Android gadgets to post and view but you actually see these OBJ boxes, then unfortunate development – you might have bugs in your software. The character or picture might have been corrupted incidentally.

There could be a bug in your Facebook application, or your software’s font libraries are not up to date. You can try updating either the application or your gadget’s OS to check whether this will fix the issue.

Using Voice-To-Text Function On iPhone

This issue is most usually seen when iPhone users use transcription to record their comments of feedback or posts. It’s fundamentally only a software issue – the Appletranslator encodes characters that the platform you’re utilizing, Facebook, doesn’t have any idea how to show yet.

Apple Updating Their Emoji Library

Apple frequently uploads a ton of new emojis. In some cases, other software particularly those on Android – basically don’t have the appropriate non-Apple same yet. Just iOS users that have an updated character library can see new emojis, all things considered.


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