how to log out of netflix on tv

Netflix is available on each gadget under the sun and that includes your smart TV. Whenever you’ve set up Netflix, it should recollect your details and keep you signed in. Notwithstanding, there may be an event when you really want to sign out of Netflix on your smart TV. Maybe another person needs to sign in, or you’re selling the TV. Whatever the reason, it’s easy to log out of Netflix on any smart TV. Here I am writing about how to log out of Netflix on TV.

How to Log Out of Netflix on Any Smart TV

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How to Log Out of Netflix on Any Smart TV

These guidelines are for how to sign out of Netflix while utilizing the smart TV application. In the event that you use Netflix on your TV through another system, similar to a Chromecast or games console, the steps will differ.

  1. Open the Netflix application. On the off chance that you’re not as of now, go to the home screen, which you can get to by constantly pressing Return on your remote.
  2. Press Left on your remote to open the menu.
  3. Push Down on your remote to feature Get Help. Assuming that choice is on the bottom right of the screen, explore the lower part of the menu and press Right on your remote. Once featured, press the Select button.
  4. Push Down on your remote to feature Sign out, then press the Select button.
  5. You will be asked whether you’re certain that you need to sign out. With Yes featured, press the Select button to confirm.

You could see that there are menu choices to Reload Netflix and Exit Netflix. Note that neither of these will sign you out of your Netflix account, yet rather reload and close the Netflix application separately.

How to Log Out of Netflix on a Smart TV via the Website

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to your account, if you’re not already.
  3. In the upper right, hover over your profile picture and click your Account.
  4. Inside Settings, select Sign out of all devices.
  5. Select Sign Out to confirm.

Thus you can log out of Netflix on TV.

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