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Smitten is started by David Simonarson, Chief, and Asgeir Visir, Designer, and was delivered by the organizers and its CTO, Magnus Olafsson in 2020. Smitten mixes games, entertainment, and flirting to kick off conversations and assist users with connecting more consistently. Smitten’s fun and innovative way to deal with dating has hit home for Gen Zers, proven by the application’s in excess of 200 million swipes to date and walloping 30%+ stickiness rate. Here I am writing in details about smitten dating app.

Most dating applications pass on users to change over a match into a conversation with off-kilter begins that turn into dead end. Smitten makes getting into a conversation as simple as swiping through utilization of games, interactive profiles and icebreakers. Smitten gets users into fun, quality discussions no matter what their discussion abilities, and has found that over 60% of Smitten matches bring about a post-match collaboration versus 11% on industry-driving application, Tinder.

Smitten is available on both Android and iOS. You can easily download and install smitten dating app from Google Play Store and Apple App store. It is free dating app for download and use. If you want premium  experience  then you can go with in app purchase.

Smitten Dating App

Why Smitten is the most fun dating app?

Since Smitten is the one and only dating application that feels like you are playing a game on each profile!

With fun facts, quirky questions, and interactive games like the Lie Detector and the Guessary game, Smitten makes it unbelievably amusing to fun find individuals you need to like!

At the point when you match with somebody, that is when Smitten turns into your superpower. With moment ice breakers, Smitten makes it simple to get into a fun discussion without the cumbersomeness of weak opening lines.

How Smitten dating app works?

Smitten takes a clever strategy to matching individuals. As the application shows you various profiles, you have the choices to play games to get to know the person. In the event that you like the responses they provided for the questions, you can like the individual and start a match.

smitten dating app

  • You can log in with your phone number, Facebook account or Apple ID.
  • Fill information about you such as your name, age etc.
  • Start exploring singles in your area who are ready to chat, meet, and date.
  • Go through detailed profiles and like or nope people!
  • You’ll have one week to chat with your match. Following seven days, the match is auto-erased, so you don’t need to ghost the individual on the off chance that you could do without them.
  • In the event that you like talking and don’t believe the match should be automatically deleted, ensure you extend the chat. Your match needs to do exactly the same thing and Blast you will enter an extended chat, with no time limit.
  • Finish up your profile with fun facts, hard (or simple) questions, photographs, Guessary, top lists, and express your perspectives on anything that makes you tick!

Is Smitten dating app?

Yes. Smitten is dating app. You can match, chat, date and meet people on smitten app. Smitten is very funny dating app out there.

How do you match on Smitten?

Think about what sort of individual your match is with the user most loved Guessary. Presently you don’t need to begin one more conversation with a “Howdy!” or “Wassup?” in light of the fact that the outcomes are presented into the chat on start a fascinating discussion!

Where is Smitten app from?

Iceland. Smitten app is from Iceland and the second most popular in Denmark.. Smitten is founded in Iceland by co-founders David Orn Simonarson, CEO, and Asgeir Visir, UX Designer.


– Browse Nearby Singles: Swipe through an endless pile of attractive individuals on Smitten.
– Detailed Profiles: Here and there you need somewhat more information than only a couple photographs
– Heart: Press the heart if you want to match with an individual.
РNope: Well clearly you would rather not to match with everybody… So press the X.
– Guessary: Play the fun quiz test game called Guessary where you make yes-and-no guesses about your match.
– Fun Fact: Read the most fascinating thing about a person
– Top 3 lists: Get to know about person a piece better by reading through their top lists

Happy Smitten! Tell us your experience with Smitten dating app.

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