guardian tales platform error 500

Guardian Tales was launched in 2020 and it is famous RPG game. It is multiplayer RPG game and available on multiple platform like Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch. Sometimes you will get error while playing the game. Don’t be worry here we are writing about how to fix guardian tales platform error 500.

What is error 500 in Guardian Tales?

Error 500 in guardian tales is common error comes while playing game.The  main reason of error 500 in guardian Tales is server issue. If server gets damaged you will get error 500 in guardian tales. There are many other reasons which cause error 500:

  • Outdated game version.
  • Internet connectivity issues.
  • Obtrusive third-party firewall rules.

guardian tales platform error 500

How to fix guardian tales platform error 500?

You can fix guardian tales platform error 500 using different methods. Below are the different methods to solve this error, select correct method which works for you.

Check for internet connection

When error occurs, first check your internet connection whether or not you have an active internet connection. Assuming you’re on WiFi, ensure you have a functioning connection and that there are no signal issues. On cellular data that it’s empowered and that you’re getting great network connection. You can also restart your internet connection and it will also fix your internet issue.

Restart your phone

One of the most direct fixes to this issue is to restart your phone. As ordinary as it might appear, restarting your phone can fix a few apparently irregular issues that appear out of nowhere.

Update the game on regular basis

An out of date application can likewise create issues. Verify whether any updates are available for the game, and install them quickly to check whether that fixes your concern. Once finished, restart your phone and attempt once more.

Clear the app cache

  1. Open your phone settings and tap on Apps.
  2. Tap Show all apps.
  3. Find Guardian Tales in the list and tap it to proceed.
  4. Tap Storage and cache
  5. Tap the Clear storage and Clear cache buttons.

Whenever you’re finished, restart the phone, and the error ought to be gone.

Reinstall game

In the event that update didn’t get the job done, your smartest choice is to totally reinstall the game and attempt once more. Reinstalling can fix the overwhelming majority of such apparently random issues with your game on the application, whether you’re on Android or iOS.

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