How To Use Bumble Blind Speed Dating Feature

Bumble is one of a handful of the dating applications that has gotten momentum over the most recent couple of years and assisted individuals with tracking down the right partner. As of late, the application reported new speed dating feature pointed toward making dating quicker and simpler. Here we are talking about how to use bumble blind speed dating feature.

Speed dating game that throws away the and profile pics. You can play every Thursday at 7 p.m. for a fun night of banter and unexpected  matches.

How To Use Bumble Blind Speed Dating Feature

How to use Bumble blind speed dating feature

  1. Launch Bumble app on your device.
  2. Tap on clock icon which is located upper right corner.
  3. Speed dating intro page will open with sign up button.
  4. Now, tap on sign up button.
  5. You need premium subscription to sign up for Bumble speed dating.
  6. If you are with premium Bumble subscription, then it leads you to new screen.
  7. Algorithms matches you with someone. Once match done.
  8. Start conversation.You can do chat for 3 minutes.
  9. If person likes you while chatting you can keep continue conversion.
  10. Once you sign up for speed dating you will get notification before speed dating start.

If you feel you don’t like match while conversion you can left conversion. At the end of conversion you can see photo of match and you have to answer you like that person or not. You can block or report user if you feel something specious.

Any matches you make during the game are turned into typical matches on Bumble, however messages you send or get while playing the Speed Dating game will not be moved to the normal conversation.

Bumble Speed Dating Features

  • It will starts at every Thursdays at 7 pm
  • Chat to someone for 3 mins before seeing their photo.
  • Decide if you like them, then play again.
  • See if you match at the end,and enjoy a night of fun chats

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